Mother Fucker Galaxy: A Flashing Color Horror Shmup

Mother Fucker Galaxy

Glad you’ve joined us, recruit; we need more people like you who are prepared to click on articles about games with titles like that. Games that come colored in garish, neon druel and attack the player as much as they caress them into their experiences. Take a seat over there and we’ll go over today’s amazing find with you. Mother Fucker Galaxy. Charming name, isn’t it?

I don’t know where this came from. Heck, I don’t even know who the developer is as this appears to be their first promoted game, with the only other projects being two short Twine efforts. Dangerneck is the name if you’re interested at all. The game? A shmup. A pretty difficult and unforgiving shmup as well. Should you take just one bullet to the precious shell of your ship, then you shall explode into a fiery death. And back to the start of the level it is for you. But that’s not important because you’ll keep playing this due to its attractive stylings and apparent ease when you learn the game’s ins-and-outs.

Mother Fucker Galaxy


I could attempt to portray the “story” behind Mother Fucker Galaxy. But it would end up coming out something like, well…something like this:


Pretty accurate description of the story, I think you’ll find there. Yep. GO PLAY MOTHER FUCKER GALAXY.


Mother Fucker Galaxy

Mother Fucker GalaxyUpon entering Mother Fucker Galaxy, it is expected of you to say “WTF” approximately 12 times before collapsing into a color-induced coma (on a serious note: perhaps you should avoid this one if you have epilepsy). You’ll see screens that look very much like the one to my immediate right and you’ll get some sense that revenge is needed for whatever they did to you. So off you head in your spaceship, to die. Lots. Mother Fucker Galaxy seems pretty hardcore to start off with, but you simply need to learn the patterns and effective use of the charged shot, as well as the reflective shield. It’s rather fun like that, you see.

So here’s a spoiler: if you’re firing the gun in pellet form, then you’re failing at life. Charge that baby up and reach for the stars with the big explosions that destroy several enemies at once. Also, consider dodging, rather than trying to shoot at everything – this is a shmup that isn’t about score, but IS about trying to get through the levels completely unscathed. So dodge, use that shield and you should do fine in moments you may have thought too hard before. My favorite thing is to not shoot at all and just reflect shots back at the enemies – it’s pretty cheeky.

There’s a number of levels in Mother Fucker Galaxy that you’ll unlock by getting through them, and you can only do that by dying many, many times. The game doesn’t get any more complex as you progress, but it does get tougher and the colors and crazyness ramp up to Cactus-like levels. You’ll probably want to gorge on it. Maybe you’ll hate the game, though, which is understandable if it’s too hard or you’re fed up being sent back through the menus every time you die. But just tap Z like it was going out of fashion (it is) and you’ll be back to game in no time. I hope that Dangerneck keeps bringing out games of this style because it’s what I live for. Yes, please.

Mother Fucker Galaxy

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  • @mrlasertron

    “interactive misery experience” i love it.

  • dangerneck

    To address where I came from: I rose from the depths of the Erotic Swamps with the intention of leaning my soggy weight on vidcons in general.

    I’ve uploaded a new version that restarts the level when you die. You can press ‘Q’ or ‘M’ to return to the menu.

    Thanks for the article!

  • Magdev

    9/10 worst experience of my life. I took one point off because it reminds me too much of my childhood.

  • lorenzo

    the soundtrack chiptune-revenge style is simply awesome i love it,as i like the game,which is a lot 9/10 took 1 because it’s hard to get through his difficulty at first

  • NoisomePete

    10/10, brought it up to a 10 because of the difficulty & erotic sounds.

  • solifuge

    I love this game. I’ve made it as far as the second boss, and feel pretty good about that. I definitely want to kill those floating heads as bad as the green dude does now that they’ve sent me back to the beginning some 400 times.

    the story’s crazy, such as I can gather from it – I hope the dev will forgive favorable comparison to another good game, but it called Hotline Miami to mind in that they share heavy ambiguity and ultraviolence, and are rendered with maximum luridity (not a negative – I love the overall atmosphere of MFG).

    My take on it so far is that the protagonist was dosed with drugs that cause hallucinations and extreme paranoia… then he climbed into his heavily armed spaceship.

    • dangerneck

      I like your interpretation solifuge. Except that the protagonist does not necessarily have to be on any drug.