Mojam 2 Launches With Development Livestreams Galore; 6 Teams, 8 Games, 3 Days

Mojam 2

Worn out after the Playstation 4 livestream event? It’ll be okay. How about spending the rest of your night watching the Mojang team hammer out a game about NUCLEAR PIZZA WAR?

Mojam, a three-day long game jam hosted by Mojang, is already eight hours in, and seems to be moving quite smoothly. Participating developers are Oxeye Game Studio, Vlambeer, Grapefrukt, Ludosity and Wolfire Games, each team working on a game based on a set of words chosen by fans. These include things like “Nuclear Pizza War,” the slightly more grim “Nuclear Endless War,” the ominous “Interplanetary Void” and the very classy “Wasteland Kings.”

The prototypes that come out of this jam will be available on the Humble Bundle under the usual pay-what-you-want price model. You can pay now, as the games are being made, or later, once they’re complete. Just how much is a game about nuclear pizza war worth to you? Donations will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Mojang’s own Block by Block, a collaborative effort with UN Habitat to involve young people in urban planning processes. Last year’s Mojam raised over $500,000 for charity, and Mojam 2 has already rounded up over $118k so far, with a ton of time left to go!

Check out the streams now at the Humble Bundle site!

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