Ninja Skills: Super House Of Dead Ninjas Gets Remade For A Steam Release

Super House Of Dead Ninjas

Just in case you needed more of a reason to appreciate the work being done over at [adultswim] Games, they’ve been working with Megadev to offer a rather gracious gift in the form of a Super House Of Dead Ninjas remake, which has just been delivered on Steam, of all places. If you’re not familiar with this title, then you have been missing out the last several months, big time! For fast-paced ninja skills with upgrades, bosses and brutal decapitations, it doesn’t get much better, honestly.

If you haven’t already played Super House of Dead Ninjas, then you need to at least head over to [adultswim] Games right now and check it out. I can guarantee you’ll have fun if you like a game that’s challenging and feels supremely smooth to play. The basic idea is that you’re playing as the mysterious heroine, Crimson Ninja, who enters and attempts to traverse the Ziggurat of Infinium. It’s a highly dangerous tower and requires a lot of practice on your part to get through, if you ever manage.

Super House of Dead Ninjas

We caught up with Steven Gee, who hunts down great looking games for [adultswim] Games, and asked him the most basic of details on the Steam remake:

“It’s a remake of the hit Flash title, but with tons of new bosses, weapons and rooms, as well as a new level editor. It will be $6.99, but launching at 30% off. Of course, the price will vary based on region, but it should all be the same equivalent.”

Super House of Dead Ninjas is now available to purchase on Steam, so you should probably check that out, or maybe just the free version, to decide if the game bodes with you at all. If it does, get as pumped as we are and grab it with a bunch of extra content! And more precise details pulled from the Steam page tell us exactly what this content is: 180 custom rooms, and 50 of those are new, dozens of new weapons and item upgrades (new ones include a flamethrower and baseball bat), eight bosses altogether with 49 types of enemy and a “Transdimensional Leakage,” which is a whole new tower to explore.

Chop Chop

Super House Of Dead Ninjas
Super House Of Dead NinjasHow Super House of Dead Ninjas is very simple – it has you playing as a badass ninja and manages to capture the feeling of flow through movement and combat, while also giving you enough challenge to ensure you don’t just run through the entire game the first time. That would seemingly be impossible. Though saying that, many have compared the game’s relationship with difficulty to Dark Souls, so perhaps if you’re enough of an expert, you’d be able to whiz through the game no problem. That could be true.

The more kills you combine together with style, the more powerful you’ll become and the higher your score will rise. The problem is the tower often weaves formations that challenge your movement so that you may wind up on spikes or amidst a whole bunch of enemies. Most of the time it remains fairly simple, though, and you’ll be able to just fly down several floors at a time chopping limbs, feathers and heads off as you go. You don’t have to completely rely on your sword either as you have thrown items such as kunai and bombs you can use, the latter of which can even open up new passage ways sometimes.

Super House of Dead Ninjas is a game that, unlike most, I can barely level a criticism at. The speed at which you’re able to move – the rewards of mastering the controls and obtaining the knowledge to get through the various floors unharmed really pays off after a period of playing time. The sound design is pretty much bang on, and the visuals are stylistic and operational, even at high speed. Then you have the boss fights, which are quite the challenge at times, but nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle, and they’re diverse too. We’ll be looking at the Steam remake of the game shortly and will give more full impressions when we do.

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