Continuum Has You Climbing Up Mountains On A Nightmarish Rescue Mission


From memory, I haven’t done much with ice picks in games except for using them to murder people – usually by means of whacking the blade into someone’s neck. Some students from Centre NAD have decided to make a game that puts them to proper use, and the effort is quite impressive. Continuum is set atop and around some great snowy mountains, and at the top is a wooden temple that seems to have remained quite intact, despite the harsh weather. At first glance, it’s like something you’d expect out of Uncharted, maybe. And its looks aren’t too distant from that, either – hence the power of UDK in the right hands.

It’s a game that puts you against nature as you head a lonesome rescue mission. Unfortunately, what I can tell you of the game is pretty scarce as the download page has been pounded too hard and since been made temporarily unavailable (that’s what you get for using Dropbox). I’ve reached out to the developers and asked them to make another download possible so we can all check it out, as I think we’re all want to after seeing the rather impressive trailer. That’s below if you want to just skip all of my rambling nonsense and see something a little bit more impressive.


What can be made out from peering in at Continuum from a distance is that it has some rather well-realized character models and environments, made especially effective due to the weather effects. It’s refreshing to see UDK used to create something that isn’t grimy, brown or full of metal. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to tell what the game plays like but it seems to be third-person, so that will give you some idea – just look at Uncharted’s platforming and puzzle solving, I guess.

Against All Odds


Without being able to give you impressions at the moment, all I can say is that from scouring the internet, people who have played the game have enjoyed it, but note that there are a number of bugs. Bit of a shame to hear this, but it doesn’t seems like these bugs are game breaking, and the overall reception is that the game is an interesting and, at times, intense journey.

[I'm hoping to have a download to share with you all soon, and when I do, I'll also update this section with my impressions. For now, we have just the trailer with which to judge the game by. Enjoy!]

Keep an eye on for further updates on the game, and it’s currently unavailable download.

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  • Paul

    looks like your source is

    • Chris Priestman

      That’s where that image is from, yes. I was sent a tip via email about the game itself, though.

  • Paul

    Lol when I said this I didn’t even see the hotlink. (Also Hotlink kill kitten)

  • Michael

    Hey there, thanks for featuring our game! It means a lot of the team. I hope you guys enjoy it, you can get it from the webpage, the link is up now =)