The Free Bundle #3 Features Five More Free Games For You To Play

The Free Bundle 3

We know that you love free indie games, and so do the folk behind The Free Bundle, and that’s why they’re featuring five more free indie games for you to download and play. There’s quite the mix in there once again, but before we get on to talking about them briefly, first to note is that there’s also a commercial game being promoted as a sixth entry. There’s good reason for it too!

As you should recall, we covered the story about how Lace Mamba Global haven’t been paying a number of developers the money that is owed them from selling their game. It’s since gone even further, with a few of the developers going public with the story and calling out Lace Mamba for their behavior. One of those is CBE Software, and it’s their game, Vampires!

Now that's out of the way, do you fancy taking a look at what free indie games you probably missed out on before, or may just need a reminder that they're good enough to go back to? Here we go, then:

Cube 2: Sauerbrauten (Windows, Mac, Linux)

If you’re looking for a completely free single player and multiplayer kick back to the days of intense twitch shootery action between friends who suddenly became bitter rivals, then the Cube games have you covered. It’s old school FPS just like you remember it, and apparently it’s for “real men.” There’s also the option to edit levels co-operatively so that you can make the kind of map you want and can consult your mates/rivals while doing that.

Uberleben (Windows only)

Ever wanted to go skydiving? How about going along with your friends too? In Uberleben you can plummet through a never-ending, but coloful abyss in co-op style with up to seven of you at once. It’s up to you how you play it. Do you want everyone to survive for as long as possible – the real challenge? Or is this an every person for themselves kind of ordeal? If it’s the latter, then there is an option to kick other players into obstacles, you mean person.

Ninja Senki (Windows only)

If you’re able to excuse the retro platformer for more than a second and give it a chance, then you’ll find yourself very pleased that you invested some time in Ninja Senki. It’s a cute little game with nothing that will surprise your sock off at all, but a neat presentation and some retro pixely charm is enough to make it highly enjoyable at least. Ninjas this small are cute too, especially when they get frustrated at throwing their stars at tortoises, who are very smartly hiding under their shells.

Armagetron Advanced (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Continuing with the retro game theme, we now have a game that’s based on a Tron arcade game from the 80s. If you ever played it or watched the film, then you’ll remember the light bikes. In the game you rode those around an arena, with AI enemies also riding them. Each bike could only turn at right angles and left behind a solid wall behind it, and so your task was to cause the AI to crash into one of these walls, but you also had to avoid them yourself. Armagetron is just that, but it’s “Advanced,” and that refers to its 16-player mayhem, more advanced AI and network game play. For a long time its slogan has been “A Tron clone in 3D,” and that’s exactly what it is.

Lyle In Cube Sector (Windows only)

Now this is sidescrolling platform adventure with style! The pulp-retro colors are strong in this one. And the story is one that I’m pretty sure everyone on the internet can get some emotion from. You play Lyle (obviously) after his kitty has been stolen by a mysterious cloaked stranger. You’ll take off on this non-linear escapade and begin to take down anything that gets in your way. How do you do such a thing is this vicarious delight? By throwing cubes at everything, of course! As you explore, you’ll find more cube powers to use, and that will help you progress through areas and get your poor cat back.

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