Tales Of The Renegade Sector: Treasure of the Abandoned City Now With 100% More Trailer

Treasure of the Abandoned City

You think just reading that title is laborious? Try writing it over and over again! Saying that, copy and paste will get you far when presented with such a task. That can’t really be applied to the art of making games, though – players tend to notice when you cut corners by reusing art assets, and they’ll make sure to be vocal in bringing attention to this most of the time. And sometimes they don’t like it even when you try to make original art either if you’re no good at it.

Alec Stamos is a developer who has been to such efforts and troubles with his art, and you can see his progression as he got a bit better with every release of an entry in his Tales of the Renegade Sector series. With the next one, Treasure of the Abandoned City, he’s hired Todd Luke to handle all the artist stuff to make the game look a little more plush while he concentrates on designing the rest of it. Presumably, the money from selling Venusian Vengeance went towards that. Always good to see games being able to push out more games.

Treasure of the Abandoned City

“Captain McCallery’s search for treasure takes him to the gates of an ancient abandoned City. However, getting inside won’t be so easy, as the city is surrounded by malevolent Golems.”

Most striking about this latest adventure with Captain McCallery is that he finds himself in a setting much more golden than he’s run around before. This abandoned city seems to be one styled with the colors and statues of Egyptian culture, and it’s rather wonderful to look at. Will there be tombs to explore? Well, that may come in the next instalment when he’s actually inside the city, but for now it seems he’s left to wander about in the heat with these ancient stone carvings.

Episodic Escapades

Treasure of the Abandoned City

So, for those of you haven’t played even one of the Tales of the Rengade Sector games, you probably want to know what to expect. The games are isometric in perspective and focus on shooting, dodging and exploration. You play as Space Captain Captain McCallery as he journeys across the weird and wonderful terrain of an alien world where most other forms of life he encounters either wants him locked up or dead. He’s been to jungles, temples and castles and still the inhabitants haven’t been able to stop him. He’s a surprisingly nimble bugger, mind, and he’s usually quite a good shot too.

Rather than reading this drivel, you’re actually better off heading over to the Games page on the official site and downloading them – they’re all free and will occupy quite a bit of your time. They’re pretty consistent in quality too, though there are improvements and noticeable changes between them all. Once you’re caught up, you’ll be more than ready to journey into the abandoned city with McCallery, presumably. Though, considering this is the best looking episode so far, it probably wouldn’t be a bad starting point either. The story doesn’t run on too much as the episodes pretty much explain themselves and can stand on their own. Mostly you’re just following McCallery in his various journeys to find treasure, as a pirate does.

Your task in Treasure of the Abandoned City seems to be pretty straightforward. Presuming the door that features at the beginning of the trailer is the one that leads to the treasure that this city holds, it seems that you’ll need to defeat six golems to collect triangle keys and open it. Episodes in this series tend not to be too lengthy, so I can imagine that being the majority of what you’re tasked to do. But don’t expect it to be easy – it looks like there’s the usual array of puzzle solving, item collecting and danger-filled shootouts to take part in to get through the game. There’s no release details on this as of yet, but I’d imagine we can expect it soon, and I can only presume it will be free. Though paying a small entry fee wouldn’t be too much of a shocker either considering Venusian Vengeance was released in the same way.

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