Driftmoon Finally Getting Released On February 26th, Coming To GOG Too


How long has it been now? Four, maybe five years that Driftmoon has been in development – quite some time; I know that much. That’s a while to be waiting patiently, as I and many others have been. Sure, it’s been playable for a little while now, but why spoil the game when you can just wait it out and get access to the full experience further down the line? Exactly, it seems much more fun to have something to look forward to and for it to be fresh, rather than going old ground.

Oh, sorry, already ranting off into oblivion. Let’s start somewhere near the beginning. Driftmoon is a top-down RPG which, until just a week or two ago, was strictly top-down, but now there’s also an isometric angle, should you want it. And already we’re discussing the look of the game. But to be fair, it’s an important aspect to touch on because it’s certainly…unique. There are those out there that can’t stand the look of it, but that’s because they’re looking way too closely at the details. From your top-down position things are much easier on the eye.


“The beautiful, enchanted world of Driftmoon trembles in the shadow of a forgotten evil, for the dark King Ixal is again gathering his forces.”

Of course! I remember what I was going to tell you – Driftmoon has a release date now. My mind wanders; what can I say? So yes, it will be released on the Instant Kingdom site, Desura and GamersGate. And you can actually purchase it now if you’d like and get stuck in. However, it should be noted that you’ll also be able to make a purchase of Driftmoon over on GOG.com, where you’ll be able to get six hours of the game’s music too. Should you want to check the game out at no cost to you, then download this demo and see if you’re convinced to make a full purchase or not.

Village People


Gibberish is what is going on here – absolutely full of it. But you better get used to it because Driftmoon is a game that thrives on the art of nonsense at times. Take the main crew of the game, those who are fated to save the word from the evil King Ixal – there’s a hyperactive firefly, a queen panther with a moon whale-sized ego, and a determined fellow who’s lost everything but his bones and still refuses to give up. Have you ever heard of a more perfect main character lineup than that? You’ll be playing the part of a young man accompanying these loons as set off on an adventure to bring light back to the world.

Yeah, admittedly it’s pretty standard stuff for an RPG story-wise, but this cake is decorated with some really quirky humor and diverse characters. And sometimes that’s enough to make a game easily recommendable to the right people. One thing that you can rely on is familiarity with RPGs, and that is definitely the case with Driftmoon – quests, treasures, dungeons, forests, magical artefacts, secret doors, puzzles, powerups. It’s all in there, and that means to most people it’s going to be easy to pick up and understand. Perhaps “understand” isn’t the best word, actually, considering it’s a game that thrives on being peculiar and witty through its many humorous and odd characters. But you know what I mean.

On top of all that, the game has full modding support, so everyone who picks up a copy can start making their mods for it right away. The more crazy they are the better; that’s how mods work. It’s not just mods, though; all of the level editing tools that were used to make the game are included too. That includes an easy scripting language, animation tools and a proper level editor so that you can make any kind of adventure you want inside the game’s engine. Pretty crazy stuff, so I’m looking forward to getting through the game and then checking out what the community has done with it afterwards.

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