The Neo Geo Isn’t Dead – Just Put Some Tiger Bomb on it Courtesy of Neo XYX


Now here’s some retroception for you – a real, actual, brand spanking new Neo Geo game in development, done in the style of a ~1989-ish, pre-Neo-Geo arcade game, and also coming out on the Dreamcast. Clearly those strange retronauts over at NG:Dev.Team aren’t satisfied with keeping one platform alive at once. More power to them, I say, especially as their upcoming shmup Neo XYX (aka Neo Zaikusu / ネオ ザイクス) is based heavily on Toaplan’s underground hit Truxton (aka Tatsujin in Japan). Chunky enemies, powerful weapons and one improbably awesome smartbomb effect all add up to something I’d quite like to play.

“NEO XYX is a maniac shooting game.
NEO XYX is the first NEOGEO game ever with a true vertical scrolling screen (TATE)!
The score system is based on medal chaining and a mild rank system.
Bombs are build by collecting powerups.”

The game is set for release this April on the Neo Geo itself at a platform appropriate price of several hundred euros. Those not in the crazy indie collectors market are probably best off waiting for June, when a Dreamcast version will be available for order. Still not cheap at 32 Euros, but a tiny fraction of what it might otherwise cost. By the time it comes out, hopefully we’ll be able to wrestle an official Dreamcast review copy out of the developers hands, and possibly a recommendation of a good Dreamcast emulator (mine died in the process of moving house about five years ago). You can buy all versions – and put pre-orders down if you’re so inclined – over at the developers’ store here.


While I personally don’t think it looks quite as sexy-sleek as their previous release (the Neo Geo-styled Turrican tribute Gun Lord), this does bring back some fond memories, and I do love that late 80s/early 90s ultra-sci-fi aesthetic. While we wait for release day, a gameplay teaser video has been released to tide us over, so turn your eyes downwards and furiously rub your nostalgia glands over the embedded Youtube-hosted goodness. It goes without saying that the real thing will run at 60fps, and the limited framerate is just due to video encoding limitations.

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