Stardew Valley Is The PC Version Of Harvest Moon You’ve Been Looking For

Stardew Valley

In recent years, the words “farming” and “game” have become synonymous with social network games like Farmville and Happy Farm – games that have introduced many people to playing games for the first time while others hiss at the mere mention of them. To be fair, that’s understandable considering the methods employed by the developers of these games to monetize them, as well as ensure that every single one of your Facebook friends spams you with mentions and annoying notes about these games.

But the origins of these games is something much more humble, and a game series that is loved by a lot of people and has been for nearly two decades. Harvest Moon is said game, a farming focused RPG that tasked players with taking a rundown farm and then working on it for extended lengths of time to turn it into an idyllic money-making business. You attended to the needs of the animals, planted crops, interacted with the nearby villagers and eventually aimed to settle down with a family. For a long time, many people have been looking for an experience of this ilk for PC and it never truly came to fruition. However, the currently in development Stardew Valley looks to be exactly the kind of thing that will fill that void, and it comes with online co-op too!

Stardew Valley

“Will you devote your time to raising crops and caring for animals? Will you spend time in the local village, befriending the local townspeople? Do you get a kick out of slaying dreadful monsters in the mysterious mountain caverns?”

It may have take all of these years, but Stardew Valley really, really looks like the game that people have been after. And the plush palette contained within the leafy trees and rustly grass, the changing seasons, the farming prospects and community interactivity all seem to promise a hell of a lot. Currently the game is over on Steam Greenlight and this one seems to be a no-brainer; give it all of your upvotes.

Cream Of The Crop

Stardew Valley

As with Harvest Moon, in Stardew Valley you’ll start off with a rundown farm and have the bare minimum of resources available to you in order to start turning the situation around in your favor. There will be plenty of space for you to explore and build structures on, so your first task will be to head out into the wilderness and gather as many resources as possible. With the amount of sandbox-crafters out there this should be very familiar to most people by now.

Stardew ValleyFrom here onwards, the game seems to become pretty much whatever you want it to be. There’s a vast array of options available to you, depending on what your primary goals are and whether or not you’re a good farmer or not. Deciding on a direction to advance or specialize in does seem to be somewhat of a necessity though, and this will most likely be dictated by your preferred playstyle. To split it up to easily understandable chunks, the developers of Stardew Valley have provided six areas that you can level your character up within: farming, mining, digging, fishing, foraging, and luck. Quite the mix there, and whichever ones you focus on (presumably you’ll side with a couple) will determine what skills become available to you.

In levelling up new areas also become available to you, and these aren’t just more dally farmlands, but sometimes they may contain excellent fishing spots, other villagers or one of the uniquely generated caves. Digging down into these may contain danger, but the reward for your efforts may be much larger. As is the case when it comes to courting the other farmers and folk around you. If you want to raise a family on a farm, you’re going to have to show some serious skills and really woo people. And the fact that you can bring in three other players for a co-op experience will just make the whole experience that much more fun. The multiplayer is handled as a drop-in, drop-out ordeal so people can join each other’s single player farms when they please and with appropriate permissions, of course.

Check out the game’s brand new trailer to find out what all the hype is about!

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  • Josh Riley

    The first Article title to make me gasp in a while. I still pull out the N64 to play Harvest Moon from time to time, so this couldn’t be more exciting.

  • syrenamontes

    I have definitely been looking for a game that is similar (if not exactly the same) to Harvest Moon, so I’m definitely stoked to try out this game! Great article btw. IndieStatik is the best! ;)