Kickstart This: Delver’s Drop

Delver's Drop

“My word, that is gorgeous,” were the first things I said when setting eyes upon the “sexy, fast, HD Action RPG/Adventure” (developer’s words) that is Delver’s Drop. Now this is a game that you can tell has had its fair share of loving poured into it – hand painted visuals to make you squee! So those of you who lost yourself and many a night to The Binding of Isaac should be sitting bolt upright because this is a game of the same ilk, but with more of a Legend of Zelda and Secrets of Mana vibe going on.

As with most roguelike RPGs, permanent death is something that you’ll be battling against as you attempt to worm yourself through an ever-shifting maze of dungeons. However, your character class will keep hold of all the levelling you do so that upon re-entering the fray you’ll be able to handle yourself better. Not to mention that your own knowledge of how the game works and how to handle certain situations will increase with the more time you spend in the game.

Delver's Drop

“Delver’s Drop incorporates hand-painted HD visuals, fluid 360-degree control, and snappy combat and puzzle solving based on a physics system.”

As you should know by now if you paid any attention to the headline, Delver’s Drop is now on Kickstarter and doing bloody well over there, and rightfully so. You can get your DRM-free versions of the game, as well as early access and the usual physical swag that crowdfunded games often come with these days. The plan is to release the desktop version of the game in October 2013, with mobile versions following a few months afterwards – consoles are being considered a possibility too. Regarding the PC version, though, you want to grab it on Steam, most likely, which is why you’ll also need to throw it a deserving thumbs up over on Greenlight. Off you trot!

All About The Drop

Dungeon randomization, impressive visuals and customizable characters isn’t enough to impress you these days, right? Well, Pixelscopic tell us that your romp through each dungeon also includes enigmatic puzzle permutations to unravel, multiple narrative paths and layers of secrets to unearth. Blimey, those word sausages are tasty little morsels that should be sprinkling your imagination with delight right now. Feels good, right?

So let’s, uh….DROP…into a better look into the game, shall we? Eh – get it? Because drop and…sigh. Yes, I hate me too. There’s a reason why the game is named so other than pursuing the pleasures of alliteration. The Drop is actually the name of a chasm that this ever-shifting place that you’re constantly trying to infiltrate and survive within is built around. The further you’re able to progress into the game the more about this mysterious plot device is revealed. One of the more interesting aspects of this gradual reveal is that the different character classes – sorcerer, rogue, gladiator – will see things with a different perspective and therefore the narrative takes the form of pieces that you’ll unveil by advancing each class. Sounds like it’s going to take many hours to achieve the final “aha” moment when all the pieces come into place and finally understand what the game and its location is all about.

Delver's Drop

So the above is a typical screen of the dungeon. You’ll be moving through many of these finely decorated, randomly-generated rooms as you play Delver’s Drop, so learning what each component indicates, functions as and can help you with is very important. Right now we’re all stupid noobs who can only gawp at the colored flames and outlines of a puzzle trap, but when we eventually get to enter The Drop ourselves, we’ll soon become finely-tuned warriors who laugh in the face of simple traps and pathetic enemies. First we have to accept death many times, though, and meet with sheer persistence and a will to learn – but we WILL conquer this place…hopefully.

Personally, I’m absorbed by the verbosity that the game brings out in me, wanting to describe its mysterious structures to further enshroud its being and put across the frenetic nature of the combat and harsh puzzle layouts to you. Be fearful and intrigued by the game! And as was said at the beginning of this rapture, if you’re a fan of the roguelike, and particularly The Binding of Isaac, then you should probably be dropping your jaw and your money in the direction of this game.

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