Bollywood Wannabe Dances On To Our Screens To A Rhythm That Can’t Be Refused

Bollywood Wannabe

On the lookout for something noticeably different to most other games out there? You’ve come to the right place, then. Bollywood Wannabe was released not long ago, just after the release of the game’s two level demo, and as you can now purchase the game, we want to encourage you to give it a look – it certainly has an exciting flavor to it.

Alright, so Bollywood Wannabe is a rhythm-based game and in many ways those are going out of fashion…to an extent. But when you have the knees-up dancing on tables and all of the wondrous colors of India thrown in your face, it’s quite easy to forget that the game resides in a slightly tired genre. Turns out that the game is different enough to breathe a little bit of life to timed button presses.

Bollywood Wannabe

“Everybody wants to be a star! All you need is passion… and the guts to dance anytime, anywhere!”

There’s also a story behind Bollywood Wannabe, and it’s one that attests to the indie spirit, which is of course marvellous in itself. It starts off with a film producer, whose last script was rejected by the bigwigs. After happening across a couple of suitable actors, he hires some filming equipment and a crew and shoots the film himself. You play as both the lead roles as you make your way across the streets and gather as many dancers as you can through infections rhythms, just so that the film appears to have the high production choreographed sequences of Bollywood films, even though it really doesn’t. Everything comes down to your impressive dancing skills. You do have them, right?

Dancing On The Streets

Bollywood Wannabe

Bollywood Wannabe doesn’t just require you to time your button presses with moving icons on the screen as you also have to reach the end of the set in time with the song too. Using the WASD set-up, you’re able to sidescroll across the detailed levels and jump across the various obstacles that appear. In the meantime, you’re also trying to concentrate on your rhythm input on the arrow keys – you can choose between one or four buttons – and so the conflict of where to look and when to jump, mostly, ends up cropping up quite regularly.

Certainly, this makes the game a little more interesting than your normal rhythm-based romp as it ensures you’re paying attention to more parts of the screen. You can ramp up the difficulty to your liking, and the harder ones are sure to satisfy those who like high input gameplay. You can mess up some of the jumps and will have to backtrack to climb up once again, and at other parts of the levels, you may have to wait for something to lift you up to the height you need – a digger or a water geyser, for example. It’s more likely that you’ll wind up failing because you didn’t get to the end of the level in time, rather than that you didn’t keep up the rhythm. While having as many dancers as possible is important and feels great, it’s not as vital to success.

Obviously, the music in Bollywood Wannabe is a big feature, and it’s important that it’s catchy and authentic. The fact that I now have the game’s theme tune stuck in my head, where I predict it will stay all day, is testament to the quality. Unquestionably, it’s brilliant and makes replaying levels more of a delight just so you can go through the catchy choruses while the animated environment gives way to the many smiling people who join in with your moves across the screen. Play that demo if you haven’t already, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be left at least happy with the time you spent with the game.

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