You Can Ride A Chainsaw In Arrapha, So Grab The Beta And Do That


As Keith cut the damsel down from the rope she thrashed about upon, he awaited the dog that the “Beware” signs had warned him of during the light ascent. There was going to be something; he just knew it. Turning back on himself, he walked down past the great big wooden sign painted in red with the word “NO” once again and, as predicted, out popped a huge and rather ghastly looking creature with a chainsaw as a face. The legs were spindly and ended at a sharp point, and the sound of the revving motor powering the chainsaw was surely a ferocious bark, but the bite of this monstrosity, Keith suspected, was much worse.

Keith, being the cold-staring casual biker that he so proudly proclaims to be, decides at this point that just strolling during this small chase sequence, as opposed to running for his life, would be the right thing to do. Fortunately, the dog was rather clumsy on those pointy legs like a drunk at 2am trying to maintain their posture in a pair of stilettos. The slow chase couldn’t have been handled any cooler by Keith had he sparked up a cigarette using the sparks from the chainsaw as it grinded along the walls.


A dead end approached. The room featured a couple of huge flame-emitting tubes, as if it were a furnace just fitting for a catch this big. The lever at the other end – Keith already knew what to do. Keeping his casual pace, he strode over to the other side, hopping over the deathly pipes, with the dog-saw-face in tow. And when it fumbled across the small chasms, he pulled the lever and the dog was engulfed in flames. It was probably a relief.

The flesh of the beast charred and faded to dust. Which left just the shiny steel of the chainsaw. “That’s big enough to ride,” thinks Keith. Well, he’s survived worse ideas. So he heaved the metal machine up with both hands, yanked on the string and let its blade act as tank tracks, propelling forward while he rode atop. It was a lumberjack’s rodeo. The putrid demons and hell-rippers that lay ahead were mulched before his purring steed, and the castle which Keith made his bloody playground was soon empty of the tortured threat.

Dark Hearted Lovers


Rarely does a game with a comedy horror theme pass me up, and certainly not if it emerges from someone as creative and interesting as Amon26. Arrapha is his latest project, and you can grab yourself the beta over on this page. Bear in mind that it’s no where near finished – there are whole chunks missing, and expect some chugging at times. Other than a few bugs (it crashed once for me), you should be able to gradually work your way through this first half of the game and enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

Arrapha was inspired by an analysis of Morticia and Gomez of The Addams Family, the cold-hearted and warm-blooded gothic horror lovers. In this Castlevania-inspired sidescrolling slash-em-up, you’ll be playing Keith as he crashes his motorbike into a morbid place of the Earth where no one has set foot for many years. Here resides a demonic queen by the name of Runira, and all of her lovely minions that will attempt to stab, maim and spear you as much as they can. It is this pairing of her and him that retains the game’s influence in the conflict (with undertones) between two strong members of each gender. They both decide to make each other’s life as miserable as possible – is this out of love? I guess we’ll find out when the full game is released.


“A tale of high adventure in a dark weird world filled with terrible creatures. It’s been heavily inspired by both film and game classics like Castlevania, Army of Darkness, Ninja Gaiden, and The Addams Family. It’s meant to be both a comedic yet horrific romp through the surreal and hilarious.”

The creature designs are rather wonderful, it has to be said, ranging from panthers made from bone to macabre zombies wielding knives and hulking knights with shield and spear. There are also flying heads that travel in easy-to-manage straight lines rather than the abusive sine wave of Medusa heads in Castlevania. Generally, it’s a pretty easy game to get through, but that also ensures it’s enjoyable – if you pay attention and act carefully, you’ll get through, no problem. Perhaps you can take a little too much damage, as I expect a game of this kind to kill me at least once. Despite mini-bosses aplenty, I never actually dropped to my death once. Not a problem as such; that way you get to check out what the game has to offer, like the chainsaw riding, for example. Oh, and you can actually listen to and enjoy the music for longer as well, considering that it’s a pretty sensual mix of dark horror tones and upbeat chiptune beats.

It seems that Amon26 is tiring of game development due to its insecurities – he started up an Indiegogo a little while ago for Arrapha and didn’t reach the goal he was after. So I hope that he continues to at least work on Arrapha (seems like he will) and that things look up soon. If only he had a way to donate on his website

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