Indie Game Mixtape: The Beginnering

Indie Statik Mixtape

Mixtapes – oh yeah! Arousal rendered in the form of cassettes; plastic bath tubs filled with free game goodies straight from the kitchen. Dip your toe in, try the waters and then thrust your whole foot in. Feels good doesn’t it? Mixtapes – mwah! Free games to play through the guts of the developers. Warm, weird, amusing and masochist. A reel of the unknown into which you can fantasize.

Save The Princess, Dragon (Demo)

Save The Princess, Dragon

Sadly not a complete game, yet. This one is more of a proof-of-concept/demo level than anything. UgLee Games might want to consider rebranding themselves, as their sprite-work isn’t half bad, too. Save The Princess, Dragon is a simple Zelda-like maze exploration game with some light monster-blatting combat. The twist is that you’re playing as a cute little dragon, which means… well, not too much, really, but you do get a recharging fire-breath projectile attack. That’s something, right?

After a lot of key-hunting and avoiding pointless combat with passive slimes, I almost completed the demo – a Slime-themed novice dungeon – but died during the boss battle due to Steam wrenching away control and popping up an urgent notification to let me know that I have unused gift copies of DOTA 2 yet to share. A metaphor for something, a dark omen of a corporate-run future, or just annoying? Your call. Either way, the game is pretty cute, if a little slow.

Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief

Sandwich packed with enough MS Paint art to rumble your socks a color unknown. In Suspension of Disbelief (SoD) you play a sprightly lad who, as a young ‘un, had the best and most famous talent of drawing in a book that could bring whatever you drew to life. With age a tear appeared in the book and the magic leaked and now everyone has granted your previously unique power. The worst of all of those abusing this power is a local punk girl who has drawn minions and turned people over to her side to win over the town. Venture into a top-down overworld in which you’ll shoot sewer monsters before entering each sidescrolling level.

With 6 characters to choose from at any time with a different ability each you’ll find your way through every level with a mixture of flying, double jumps and lots of shooting. Become a princess with the ability to become a cow at will! Play as a suit with a revolver head and a top hat – dual wield like never before! Become a tank girl and launch homing rockets at your prey. Take weeping keys to doors so that they explode and grant you access! Pick up a soda machine that fires exploding cans of soda! Play it for the madness. Play it for the this-is-surprising-fun-and-hard out of five golden stars rating.

Chemical Eruptions and Bunny Consternations

Chemical Eruptions and Bunny Consternations

Things bunnies are good at: Running. Hopping. Making more bunnies.
Things bunnies are not good at: Science. Chemical reactions. Empathy.

Developed for a recent Game Maker Community development jam, this was created in approximately 24 hours, and will probably take you about three minutes to complete, give or take a pile of early deaths. It’s a simple auto-scrolling platformer with a single level, a single jump button, and and an amusing concept; A chemical experiment at Bunny Labs has gone horribly wrong, and you’re the only one with enough common sense to run away from the firey exploding wall-o-death, so run, rabbit, run!

Solid sprites (although lab-coated bunnies look kinda weird when running on all fours), bouncy music and a funny little intro and ending should make this worth a few minutes of your time. It also serves as a reminder that I should probably learn how to use Game Maker someday, and probably abuse those Mode 7′ish rotation effects, too. They’re strangely nostalgic.

Panda Rush

Panda Rush

For some reason there are demonic worms of the apocalypse tearing through the jungle! You’re a panda – just because. With the combined ability to jump AND dash in this infinite runner you’ve got to save the baby pandas and defeat as many of the weird…dino things…OF THE APOCALYPSE that you can! With mega sprinting action, multiple levels to jump between and pixelated grass, you can be sure that you’ll be immersed in the roof-raising action fun that is Panda Rush.

Procedurally generated levels? YEAH! Lots of enemies? HELL YEAH! Huge worms with nasty teeth and orange eyes giving chase? OH HEEEEEELL YEAH! Oh, but you suck at this game and you can barely stay alive for more than 30 seconds. Your score sucks and you’ve only just begun to get to grips with jump-dashing into everything. Luckily the music is absolutely baller or you’d have wasted all of your time. Not because the game is rubbish but because you are. You can’t handle the hard!

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