GoD Factory Adds Colorful Explosions To Your Space Combat Romp

GoD Factory

Everyone and their cat is developing a space game this year, and that means if you’re one of them, then you need to make it stand out…somehow! Flying around shooting other ships has been done millions of times before, and I think we’re going to double the number of those types of games this year. Even Nine Dots Studios, developers of Brand, have taken to the vacuum in order to supply a competitive multiplayer take on shooting nippy, small shuttles and slow, large space frigates. WE’VE DONE THIS SO MA– oh, I see you have added some extra color to the mix. And I actually quite like it.

Ah, yes, that’s one sure way to win the crowds over, isn’t it? Just add explosions of color. And some mech action. It works for me at least. Though I can grasp the idea behind Nine Dots’ new endeavor, it’s not easy to follow what’s happening on the screen. Though I do know it’s rather beautiful. The game, let me just point out, is called GoD Factory. None of this makes sense to me. What does that even mean?!

“GoD Factory: Wingmen is a competitive multiplayer game in which the goal for your team is to destroy the enemy carrier while protecting your own.”

I’ve looked around the development blog and have decided I’m either blind or it’s just not explained. What the hell does “GoD” stand for? I’m taking the initiative and making it my own. Grapes of Dysentery. There we go – now it’s MY game. Or not. The title of the game doesn’t really matter to me too much, anyway, because as you know, I’m all about the gameplay and am highly attracted to colors, and yes, I’m moving into mild arousal just thinking about those pinks and blues. Ouch – bit my lip a bit too hard that time.

So, um, GoD Factory is actually a two-parter. This first instalment that will plunge us into this slightly off-kilter universe, Wingmen, is a 4v4 attack and defend romp in space. You have your own ships that can be customized as you like, and during a match you can return to base and swap ships. In this way, you can purpose each ship for a specific task, and should both of yours not be up to the current one then you can just nick/borrow your team mate’s ship. Cheeky!

Spaceship Factory Built For Two

GoD Factory

Do you see that screenshot up there? That is definitely not a normal spaceship. I’m guessing that’s a customized one that one of the developers has built in such a way that it appears as if a mech made from the bones and antlers of a preserved deer. It’s weird and I like it; rest assured that my customized ships would look more like that and less like the other typical ones. Take another look at that screenshot – notice how the ship is shooting the ammo warehouse? You see, when attacking a huge frigate like you are tasked with doing in Wingmen, you are required to focus your attacks on specific areas. Destroying each of them will affect the other team greatly – so, using the example above, destroying the ammo warehouse will mean the opposition won’t be able to restock 60% of their ammo capacity. Evil, isn’t it?

And therein lies the strategic elements of Wingmen. Sure, it’s not deep heavy-thinking with pipe and slippers, but it adds a little extra layer to the blasting and panicked defending the game exists as otherwise. Emphasized by Nine Dots is the need for teamwork in the game. As mentioned previously, you’re able to swap out your own ships, as well as the other ones on your team. So before going into battle, you may want to discuss which roles each person is taking according to what their ships are built for. I can see why this might be quite a bit of fun, given the right team mates. They reckon that most of the tasks in the game are impossible to achieve on your own, which I only consider a challenge – yeah, I’m THAT asshole who doesn’t listen to the rest of you and causes you all to lose. Sorry!

GoD Factory: Wingmen is only the first entry, and the next one is a narrative-heavy single player experience identified as GoD Factory: Refugee. The focus is on survival rather than team work – though it sounds like you’ll be trying to defend your rubbish allies most of the time. Nine Dots are developing both games at the same time as they’ll share most of the assets. Wingmen will be finished first as apparently that makes more sense for them, which seems like the opposite decision for most developers, but whatever floats your…spaceship, I guess?

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  • http://www.ninedotsstudio.com Guillaume Boucher-Vidal

    Hey Chris!

    In order to make a science fiction universe, one common way to do it is to add a new technology and explore it through and through. Cloning in Bladerunner and Mass manipulation in Mass Effect are good examples. In our game, it’s the possibility of creating matter and thus contradict the Lavoisier’s principle (Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed). However, such technology is still at its infancy, and for now the only matter they can create is carbon based, such as Graphite or Diamond: GoD.

    I don’t know what spurred in the mind of so many developers at once to start making Space Combat games all of a sudden, but I can tell you the team had decided to make one even before the end of Brand’s crowdfunding campaign. I think we gamers just wanted to see the genre make a come back and collectively, we’re doing just that, without even consulting each other. Which is freakin great in my book ;-)

    Thanks for covering up our game!

    • Chris Priestman

      Well, that would also explain the crazy structure of that one ship too then!

      I hope you realize I’m still going to refer to it as Grapes of Dysentery :P

      • http://www.ninedotsstudio.com Guillaume Boucher-Vidal

        Knock yourself out :-P

        Oh and one more thing: these mech looking ships are actually one of the four playable species. They are so big that they use an armored suit instead of an actual ship.

  • Wonkyth

    Looks smashing! :D
    Love the concept, too. :3