Genocide Dolphins Has An Amazing Title And Wants Your Money


It’s not often that we’ll showcase a Kickstarter with so little to show in the way of actual gameplay, but Genocide Dolphins wins an exception through a combination of a sheer gusto, a fantastic title, a cool and relatively unique pastel cartoon aesthetic and little desire to make any kind of sense. It’s an FPS, Jim, but not as we know it. Here’s the developer’s pitch – it’s a weird one:

“The objective of the game is still evolving, but it will involve some form of strategic explosions, and some very advanced enemy AI. Out of all the games I have worked on, this one has flowed most naturally. It has been a very fun experience developing this title, mostly because I am using the excellent Unity3D games development tool.”

Having recently gotten his hands on the Unity engine, British tech freelancer Gareth Murfin (fairly experienced with mobile development, but not too much on the 3D PC front to date) quickly stumbled upon a blend of strange aesthetic choices that seem to have come together to create something very cool looking, complete with some quite surreal, semi-glitched character art and a rather unusual take on rendering explosion effects. Now he wants to make it into a proper game, but needs funds to do so.

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

My main reservation here is that even though the developer is asking for money, he openly states that even he’s not entirely sure what kind of shooter Genocide Dolphins is going to be yet, merely that it will contain ‘some form of strategic explosions, and some very advanced enemy AI’ – hardly the most coherent of design documents. To compound this, he says that the better funded it is, the further the design will expand, with only the final stretch of development being devoted to refinement and polishing.

Even by weird Internet standards, it does seem to be a little weak on the business front, but if the strange teaser gameplay footage and art style tickle your weirdy gland, then you can throw a few bucks at the game over at the Kickstarter page here. You can also find a lot more info about the game on its Google+ page here, along with a lot of gameplay footage and additional screenshots. What the game seems to lack in structure and coherency so far, it more than makes up for in enthusiasm. I can’t say I’m personally convinced to part company with my money yet, but part of me wants to see this project succeed. Go have a poke around and see what you think, and share it in our handy electronic comment-o-box below.

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  • Gaz

    Excellent write up! Thanks for your kind words :) Please help support this game folks, it’s not gonna make it :-) Actually with or without funding it will get done, just much sl-o-o-wer! Check out the kickstarter page here: