Fez, Owlboy, Starbound, Gunpoint, Nidhogg And More Pass Through Steam Registry


It’s been quite a long time since I’ve dealt in rumors, particularly those that concern games that could possibly coming to Steam due to appearing on its Registry. But this weekend has seen a pile-up over there and the information too much to ignore. Worth pointing out beforehand is that the Steam Registry has been consistently reliable when it comes to leaking information of this sort before it’s made official. On top of that, I’ve reached out to a number of developers who have confirmed to me that their particular game that has shown up among this batch will be coming to Steam. I’ve made promises to not reveal which ones they were, but getting that confirmation means that the list below is more than likely 100% accurate.

So, first up we have a number of games that were Greenlit recently appearing, which adds further semblance to the rest of them as we knew they were already coming to Steam. Those are Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Yogventures! Folk Tale, Cry of Fear, La-Mulana and Gnomoria. The recently confirmed for a PC release Skullgirls also appears.

Others that appeared among the registry, but had already sealed Steam releases before Greenlight stomped on to scene, are Toki Tori 2, ibb and obb, The Splatters, The Witness, Don’t Starve, Apotheon, Mercenary Kings and Xenonauts.

The New Reveals!


So here’s the list of games that we didn’t know were coming to Steam, though you have to admit that some of them we take for granted for a Steam release considering who the developer is or how much attention they’ve managed to garner from press and players. And, again, some of these I’ve had confirmations from the developers for, but I’ve made promises to keep them unnamed for now.

Fez (Registry Link)

King Arthur’s Gold (Registry Link)

Smashmuck Champions (Registry Link)

Gunpoint (Registry Link)

Lumino City under “Lume 2″ (Registry Link)

Galcon Universe?!!! (Registry Link)

Owlboy (Registry Link)

Nidhogg (Registry Link)

Starbound (Registry Link)

Clockwork Empires (Registry Link)

Reus (Registry Link)

The Bridge (Registry Link)

Depth (Registry Link)

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  • Tanner

    All of these make me happy.

  • Mominito

    Owlboy <3 <3 <3 I have waited for play this game since long time ago…

    And all those game are indie gems! :) Glad to see them in steam too.

  • Wonkyth

    So much love for every title. :D
    Had heard from reliable sources (mostly devs) about half of them, but hadn’t known Nidhogg, Owlboy or Clockwork Empires were heading Steam-way already. ^__^
    /me does the happy dance.