Screenshot Scrutiny – 2nd February 2013

Screenshot Scrutiny

Something rather beautiful in the game development community is Screenshot Saturday. Developers simply take a screenshot of what they’re working on, and then tweet it with the #screenshotsaturday hashtag, and it immediately appears on the website. It’s like magic, or something. In Screenshot Scrutiny, we select some of the more intriguing screenshots and delve into the information they hold!

Before we crack on with the lovely screenshots this week, I have another Twitter-related thing to share with you because it’s inspirational and touching. You should have heard by now that Microsoft are no longer working on XNA, and it seems they’ll be abandoning it for hopefully better things on their next generation console. This is caused many developers to use the hashtag #becauseofXNA to share stories of everything the tool gave to them. Some highlights:

Dawn Of The Ronin

Due to being a fan of segues, I’m starting with this one that was submitted to #becauseofXNA and #screenshotsaturday. Dawn of the Ronin is a game that I had a case of deja vu about. I thought I had played it before. Turns out that the game is still being developed (well, duh), so maybe I just saw a gameplay video, or there’s a number of feudal Japan themed sidescrolling slash-em-ups on XBLIG. Looking over the gameplay video that was submitted to Dream.Build.Play a while ago, I’m thinking that it’s mostly likely that which I can remember. Back then, the game was rather black and white, but notably visceral. Nowadays it’s much more colorful. In general terms, it’s a game about running around quite frantically and chopping people up. And that’s all it needs to be, really. Isn’t it?

Pixel Noir

Pixel NoirNot much to say about this one yet apart from that it’s appealing to two things I’m unashamedly a fan of – pixel art and noir aesthetics/storyline. Judging from the tweet, Pixel Noir is going to involve the typical ‘gruff’ inner monologue from the protagonist, who is always grouchy and moaning about everything around him. And he’s quite right; the tiling of that floor is a little off-kilter. More details soon, hopefully but for now, just take solace in knowing that there’s even a guy in a long coat and he’s smoking – how noir is that?

Run Chompy Run

Have YOU ever played Chompy Chomp Chomp?! I actually first saw it in all its glory while attending Eurogamer, where, I have to say, quite the craziness was going down. Among all of the indie games on show, Chompy Chomp Chomp was causing the biggest ruckus by far. People were crowding round cheering and generally having a lot of “fun”. The game itself involves chomping your way around an arena with your friends and coming out on top using the various power-ups that can be obtained. With Run Chompy Run, it looks like James Woodrow of Utopian World of Sandwiches is bring a similar experience to iOS (perhaps?) and browsers. Though that can’t be confirmed; this may just be an oddly cropped screen resolution.

Car Tank!

Car Tank!

Developer of the rather explosive action game Pineapple Smash Crew, Richard Edwards, is developing yet another game with lots of explosions with one of the most wonderful concepts I’ve heard in a while. The game is called Car Tank! Basically, it’s a game about a car which is a tank. Yep. And it’s on a far away planet, which is apparently one of many “new home[s] for humans”. Typically, the humans in this presumably far off future have many robots living among them who decide to rebel against their creators, and upon this planet are some “thinking plant monsters,” who have the same idea. The only person who can eradicate this threat is Sheriff Cop, the driver of Car Tank. And that, as they say, is the game.

Alien Lair

Just in case you needed a reminder as to why Lazy Brain Games are one of the most consistently creative and interesting developers around, they’re working on a game that plays very much to my heart. Pixels and gooey aliens – that’s the kind of place I want to exist in when I pass away. Unless I get the option to get there earlier in my life span via spaceship, in which case I probably will. Well, I guess I could just cut out the whole journey and play the game when it’s released. There’s always that. The screenshot above isn’t even the best one either – check out their Twitter images to see much better ones.

6180 The Moon

I think Turtle Cream must just love telling woeful tales. After having released Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory, they’ve now moved onto 6180 The Moon, which is about the moon trying to find the Sun because it’s missing. And you’re playing as the moon. The game itself is a platformer that reminds me very much of VVVVVV as it uses top and bottom screenwrap to attempt to stand out from the crowd. The visuals are very basic, and considering it’s supposed to represent the darkness of the world without a Sun and the white moonlight, I guess the monochrome palette is excusable. The story is totally bonkers, though, and doesn’t really set the stage for the gameplay, but providing that lovely piano track makes it into the game and there’s some challenge here, I’m sure we can be friends. Vote for it on Greenlight, maybe?

Treasure of the Abandoned City

Treasure of the Abandoned City

I think this might just be the most beautiful looking game to come out of the development kitchens over at Tales of the Renegade Sector. Over the past couple of years, the artwork, gameplay and zany storylines from the Renegade Sector have been noticeably improving with each release. You may remember the last game released from there – the appropriately purple Venusian Vengeance. If you don’t, then watch our Spotlight below. That was a rather cool game and it stuck out with its artwork, whereas previous Renegade Sector games didn’t. Now look at Treasure of the Abandoned City! It has no right wrenching my beating heart out and mummifying it with such finesse. You gorgeous thing, you. Not many details yet, but it looks like the game is an Egyptian themed top-down shooter once again.

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