Something For The Weekend

Something For The Weekend

The weekend has a habit of being terribly boring at times. So while we’re relaxing from the traumatic events of the week that we’ve no doubt had, Something For The Weekend tries to entertain you in as many ways as it possibly can. Cool video, free game, controversy, interesting point of view – whatever it may be – it’s in here, and we think you should check it out to pass the time. If you have an article, game, video, song – whatever – you want to see appear in the next Something For The Weekend then send it over to [email protected]

Freebie Alert!

The Great Work

Nifflas released The Great Work during the last week, only a couple weeks after having released his actual greater work, Knytt Underground. It will only run you a couple of hours to completion and is essentially a reworking of some of the ideas in Underground, albeit with added inventory switching. It was made for a documentary called “Alkemistens År”, which appeared on Swedish television on January 30th. Like the documentary, the game involves experimenting with alchemy while sidescrolling around the bold environment. And there’s swimming too!

The Apartment

Dark Acre Jack made a game worthy of his, ours and your time. It’s a point-and-click obsessed rummage around an apartment. A lonely one. Aren’t you so lonely? While you’re waiting for the game to load, why don’t you think about of the old times, the good times, the not so lonely times? Oh, and now you’re also a care home resident and need to find your glasses before investigating your surroundings, where you’ll find more loneliness. Jack also deconstructed the development of the game, which is a much better way to describe it than a “post-mortem”. Can we stop using that now? You know, because it implies you’re ripping apart something that is dead when games are very much alive!



Chloi said you should play this one. She also says that it’s kind of interesting because “it is unexpectedly disturbing at parts and was made by a 15-year-old girl. Sort of like a super indie (as in: ugly sweaters, awkward guitar playing) Yume Nikki, I guess.” I’m more amused that my cursor seems to be a can of cola when I go to the website. And it’s a very nice shade of pink. Apparently, the game is about finding your mom.

I did an indie thing

What Are Game?

Ed Key has been met with some arguments and discussion after this article, which made people cling on to the label “anti-game” and twist it about, poke it and breathe fire all over it. Feeling the need to either defend his cause or at least set his own thoughts straight, he wrote up this wonderful piece. Here’s a quote:

“Outside of academic discussions, encouraging a strict definition of “game” does nothing but foster conservatism and defensiveness in a culture already notorious for both.”

And another, because why not:

“Proteus was certainly made by a game developer (and a musician), working in the context of videogames, using game design and development techniques to express a particular set of things. None of that is really important, because the proof is in the playing.”

Quote Unquote: A Common Thead: Jeremy Penner

Jeremy Penner

A fascinating and brilliant (as always) interview by Quote Unquote with Jeremy Penner. This is the 30-something guy behind the Pirate Karts, the amazing Glorious Trainwrecks, as well as Klik of the Month. Read it. Read it. Read it. READ IT.

“I was more inspired by failed videogame experiments than anything else in my life, so I decided that I’d create a place to celebrate them, and make more of them. It was really just an excuse to give myself permission to make imperfect stuff, and talk about playing weird 3DO games.”

Gaming community rallies around man fired from Revenue Canada

The whole debacle with David S. Gallant and his being fired from his call center job due to his game I Get This Call Every Day is storyfied, and it’s quite the thing to behold. Also, we get a mention so “woo” and all that masturbatory nonsense.

Web Watching

Indie Impressions – Composition J

Wreck it Richard (Hotline Miami VS. Your Childhood)

Development Diggery

Octodad’s Path To Popularity

Octodad is a game. A pretty popular game. How did it get so popular? The answers apparently lay inside. On a serious note: this is REALLY useful for you developers out there. Dig it!

OUYA developers sound off: successes and failures of the dev kit, one month out

Rami Ismail from Vlambeer, Jerrod Putman from Tiny Tim Games and Nathan Fouts of Mommy’s Best Games all talk about their first experiences with the OUYA development kit. It seems that they quite like it, mostly, praising how easy it is to set-up and get an indie game running on a TV via a console without the need to go through publisher harassment. Dig it!

Weekly WTF

Visions of Eris

Taken from: Visions of Eris

Grave Prosperity

Snatched from: Grave Prosperity


Atari’s “boob game” – note the squishy, breast-like controls

Pulled out of the hell fires of Arcade Museum

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