Super Puzzle Platformer Plus Gives Us A Free Taster Of The Deluxe Version

Super Puzzle Platformer Plus

My reaction on seeing that Super Puzzle Platformer “Plus” suddenly hit the Adultswim Games page today was something in between a heart attack and the curosity that only a dog feels when tilting its head sideways at something. My love for the original Super Puzzle Platformer can only be attested by the number of times I’ve been in a bit of stress and needed something to calm me down. “Oh, I know,” it starts, “SUPER PUZZLE PLATFORMER!” And off I usually trot, sometimes skip, over to my PC and start playing this jovial arcade genre mash-up.

At my behest (not really), Andrew Morrish decided to take this brilliant concept of his and give it some new wings. The project became know as Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe, and I’ve been dribbling ever since he announced the damn thing. So now you may start to see why I was so confused and excited about this new thing, which sounded like the game I had been waiting for, but with the “Deluxe” replaced with a “Plus”. What the bloody hell is this?! Not like I minded; this “Plus” thing is darn good fun, I’ll have you know!

Anyway, so after I pulled myself away from it for a few minutes, I found the time to email Mr. Morrish and ask him what on earth this was and whether the Deluxe version had been changed to this Plus one, or what?! Well, he told me:

“This is NOT the deluxe version :) This is somewhere in between the original and the deluxe version. This one has three characters, three obstacles and new pickups/power-ups.”

Aha! So that does mean this is another version of the game that just came out of the blue? I’m just glad my reaction was the right one and shouldn’t have been one of so much surprise because I had missed something he had announced previously. You know the drill: go play the game here or listen to further ramblings below, good citizens!

Bounce Them Blocks

Super Puzzle Platformer Plus

As this “Plus” version of Super Puzzle Platformer is basically a free demo of the Deluxe version, I’m going to further gas on about that and tell you why it’s going to be amazing and why, eventually, you’re going to cave in and buy it once it’s available. First off, the game has many more visual improvements than the original. The clouds of smoke and the accompanying encouraging words commenting on your actions are bolder and more animated. The background has movement and more details too, and maybe it’s just me, but the colors seem to pop out a lot more too. Never underestimate how much more can be added to a game with just some extra oomph! Likewise, the soundtrack has been pumped with extra notes, sexier sounding instruments and generally seems to be more bouncy while you’re playing. Try not to smile while playing this; I dare you!

Super Puzzle Platformer DeluxeSee that over there, do you? That’s an exclusive feature for the Deluxe version, so don’t get your 1v1 competitive splitscreen hopes up about this free Plus version that turned up today. In this mode, when you shoot combos of blocks, you send them over to your opponent to deal with. Rivalries will be ended with this. Other Deluxe features that DO feature in the Plus version, if in a limited state, are the new levels and new characters. While the Plus version just has 3 characters to unlock by means of highscore, three obstacles and the new pickups, the Deluxe version has 8 characters and 6 levels on top.

The objects, by the way, I presume are the new hazards that sometimes fall into your small grid. Rather than just having spiky blocks cause you increasing pain as they block in certain areas, fall on you or otherwise end your run, there is also a cannon block that seems to shoot in the direction it’s facing and an explosive one that blows up when you shoot it. One of my favorite new touches of this new version of Super Puzzle Platformer, though, is the way the character gets proper squashed when a block falls on it. Cruel, I know, but it’s also funny and cute.

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