Fist To The Punch: A Bare Knuckle Brawl With Team2Bit (Interview)

Fist Puncher

After having played some co-op Fist Puncher with my pal Jesse Cox, as you can see here, I caught up with Matt, who is one half of Team2Bit – the Fist Puncher development duo – over Skype and we talked about the game and plenty of other interesting topics. Unfortunately, as we weren’t in each other’s physical presence, we couldn’t have a good punch and a wrestle while talking, but I’m sure that we would should such an opportunity present itself one day.

In the video interview that you can watch below, we talk about where the two of them found the inspiration for the game – you’ll probably never guess! We also discuss how crazy their Kickstarter experience was and what they’ve been doing since. And we also touch on the topic of tazing naked tweakers. What the hell am I on about? You need to watch and listen to find out, people!

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