The Free Bundle Returns With 5 More Freebies You May Have Missed

The Free Bundle 2

Hold your horses! You think you can just march around all proud-like because you’ve played and supported SO MANY indie games? That might be what you’d like to think, but you know that just ain’t the truth. You’ve actually missed some of the many free and rather brilliant indie games of recent times, and do you know what – shame on you! Yes, that’s right, how does that feel? Do you know what you can do to make it all better, though? Eliminate the pain of guilt (which you should definitely be feeling) by downloading and playing said free indie games.

But which ones to pick? Quite. There are a lot of them out there to get through, and some of them might not be all that good, and let’s be fair; you’re on a time limit here. Fear not, estranged and imagined citizen, for the Free Bundle has returned once again to help you filter through the masses of free indie games out there. They’ve selected a mighty total of five for you to play, though you might expect more to come in the future. And here’s another thing: they slightly pulled the wool over your eyes with the whole “bundle” thing, because sometimes that’s the only way to get your accursed attention, so don’t you go blaming them for that! Basically, what you have is a splash page with information and download links to these games that you should have already played. So, uh, rather than wasting my time, as well as yours, why don’t you just head over to said page and make with the clicking, eh?

Just in case you’re still here for some ungodly reason, below is a little information about each of the games in the bundle. Maybe you’re sticking around here because you feel the love we emit, but that’s also a little creepy, as well as lovely. Well, whatever, here’s the five games in the Free Bundle 2, and you might be right to expect a couple more titles to appear in the pile of links soon. So keep that in mind and check back every now and then.

Under The Garden

“Under the Garden is a sandbox-style exploration game set in a harsh winter environment, where supplies are limited and resources such as food and lumber for your fireplace have to be gathered from the land.”


“If you want speed, if you want TRON, if you want groove, then you want to download Zineth and give it a try!”

Blitz Meet

“Strike the metal ball at your opponent’s wooden door to free the monster behind it; turning him into finger-food instantly. Use the powers from the pedestal like ember rain, phantom split, the slip, and the CHAIN ARM to aid you in this battle to the death”

A Nation Of Wind

“”A Nation of Wind” is a freeware video game featuring elements of gameplay from both “Arena Shooters” (like Geometry Wars, Super Stardust, and Asteroids), and “Real Time Strategy” games, (such as Populous, Starcraft, and Actraiser).”

Mad Father

“Japanese horror game? For free? Fully fan-translated to English? Chilling, horrific story of a little girl that won’t let you sleep for at least two weeks in a row? RPG? Anime? Mercy! This is one of these little gems only the indie community can offer.”

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  • Amber Shambles

    Although I’m indifferent to these free bundles (since all I do I search around for free games), I’m glad that they have the option for people to suggest things. 44,000+ downloads so far so it’s obviously great!