Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos Released On PC, Demo Available

Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos

Leaving fantasy worlds behind because we have to go back to the grey office of our realities can often be a depressing task, so why not make it easier on yourself by partaking in the upstart and continual growth of a call center firm? That’ll make it easier, right? No longer will you shift from battling dragons and wilderbeast to tackling pissy customers and arrogant managers. Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos gives you the ultimate power to construct buildings, employ staff and decide whether the budget grants them a means to going to toilet. Basically, you can be the asshole that you always wanted to be, and it’s actually bloody fun, and quite addictive too. But do think of the personal strain that your actions have on your employees, won’t you?

Andreas Heydeck is one of our cherished hobbyist developers, and with his marvellous ring-ring-a-thon, he was picked as part of last year’s Summer Uprising on Xbox Live For Indie Games. You can think of that as a kind of quality filter; the majority of the games that are selected as part of the Summer Uprising tend to be some of the best indies you can find on the channel. The vital question concerns whether or not Smooth Operators is good enough to impress the PC crowd or not? Well, if you’re one of those quick to throw judgement at a game and dismiss it before even playing it, then I suggest that you go and download the demo and then make up your mind.

Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos

“Develop client relationships while balancing your financials and workload. Plan an efficient operation through micro management of your workforce. Can you create a successful operation? “

Now, I know that Smooth Operators may come across as sounding very boring and a lot like hard work, but do consider that managing a hospital or a theme park (the latter less so) may also be extremely drab on paper, but games have proven in the past that the management experience can be very enticing. The experience is mostly the same as other simulations of this type, so if you enjoyed those, then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy this one too. Though I will admit there seems to be a lot of fast forwarding in Smooth Operators…and, well, I’ll tell you about that in a bit. For now, you either need to purchase the game or vote for it on Steam Greenlight if you’re feeling generous. And you played the demo already, right?

Customer Relations

Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos

So my experience with the cruelly shortish demo of Smooth Operators went a little something like this…I started things up and jumped straight into the game noticing the countdown timer ticking away at my life inside this simulation. There’s a receptionist giving me hints and tips, and she’s probably the most insane worker there has ever been – she doesn’t sleep, she doesn’t stop. Why can’t all of my workers be like her? That’s a thought that would come into my head later as the employees started going off sick a suspiciously frequent amount of times, or their computers all seemed to blow up at the same time.

But right now the focus was on blowing this budget I had on purchasing every office-like construction I could and strapping it to my central hub – reception. Oh, I need an elevator to connect stories? Done. Staff might need toilets? Hmm, dunno if I can stretch that far. Can’t they just walk home if they’re that desperate? Oh, they can! Well, that’s sorted, then. They can grab lunch while they’re there, then – no need to build a canteen here. We’ll use this extra budget on more offices and more employees to answer the phone then. Sorted.

Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos

These are the horrible, horrible thoughts that plagued my mind as I was playing through Smooth Operators; it turned me into a money hungry monster who would care more about chasing down clients and healthy financial reports than basic human welfare. What a fuck I had become! But we were making good money and might be able to afford these employee luxuries in the future – I like to dangle hope in front of them. But they didn’t really need a staff lounge, did they? I mean, we could use that same money to build an extra tier of offices and, oh, the demo has stopped and, holy crap, I’m a monster (weeps into palms).

Here’s the funny thing, right – I played that demo again because I found it so satisfying. But this time I decided I would play it differently and serve the needs of my staff first and foremost. The business was screwed before the demo even finished. I just sat there in amazement, eye twitching every time one of my staff would appear to be happily pissing in MY toilets or eating out of MY canteen. Oh, your computer is broke? Awww, poor baby. Let me just break this one over your head, then; GET OVER HERE, YOU FU—783455″£$^%”!£%£!”3^”&”$656£!”$^!7£&!£$@6{?L;’#

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