Escape Goat 2 Announced, First Screenshots And Info

Escape Goat 2

Take a purple goat imprisoned for witchcraft, shove some horns on its head and give it a mouse with a magic hat. What do you have? Escape Goat – one of the slow burners of the indie world, which started off life as an under appreciated XBLIG title and then moved to PC and to a mild dose of well-deserved fame. This 2D puzzle platformer excelled in atmosphere and quirkiness, but it certainly knew how to deliver a well-designed puzzle when it felt like it too. The standard game not hard enough for you? Ramp it up a little to the extreme challenge campaign. Yeah, now you’re crying those goaty little tears, aren’t you? Tough luck.

Ian StockerRegardless of if you’ve played Escape Goat or not, we’re telling you it’s a game with a beard – a mighty good beard – and so we’re quite excited to bring you the announcement of a sequel! Yes, that’s right; the marvellously named Escape Goat 2. How’s that for simplicity? We’ve been speaking to Ian Stocker of MagicalTimeBean, pictured to the right with a very REAL goat in his hands, a kid nonetheless, and he’s been very kind in answering our questions and giving us and you the first screenshots of the game we’ve been waiting all our goaty little lives for. Well, probably anyway. As you can tell from the image at the top, we’re expecting it to arrive this year, but it seems that it’s still early days yet.

Now, if you’ll kindly bleat when I say so, we’ll get on with revealing the game to you, or as much as we can for now, okay? Ready? 1…2…3…BLEAT!

The Goatversation

Escape Goat 2

Statik: Will Escape Goat 2 adopt the same format as the first?

Ian: Yes, the basic gameplay is the same: single screens, puzzle platforming. There will be some changes to how you progress through the game, though it will remain similar to the hub-and-stage system of Escape Goat 1.

Statik: Are there any major mechanical changes to the game? If so, what are they?

Ian: The visuals will be strikingly different, and that’s where the bulk of the programming work is being spent right now. For the first time in my indie career I’m working with an artist: Randy O’Connor (known for his work with TigerStyle, and a fellow East Bay resident). I’ll also have some new gadgets and perhaps new creatures. I have a stack of ideas to prototype, though only the best ones will remain in the final game.

Statik: What’s the story behind the game this time?

Ian: I can’t reveal anything about the plot yet because there are a few different directions I can take at this point. There are a couple new themes, though the tone of the first game remains intact.

Statik: Will there be an integrated level-sharing/editing system, a la Stealth Bastard Deluxe?

Ian: This is yet to be decided, since something like this could delay the release by over a month. It’s possible that it will be added after launch if I don’t have time to get it into version 1.0. I’d really like something like this, because there are some amazing user-created levels for EG1, but I bet most players don’t know where to find them (hint: my forum at

Escape Goat 2

Statik: Will there be additional hats? (A magic hat is all well and good, but a mouse needs to change up its style from time to time, y’know?)

Ian: This I can guarantee. I’ve been thinking of new hat types since before EG1 was released. There are no plans to sell the hats as DLC, though Randy did mention something about goat armor…

Statik: Finally, do you intend to bring Escape Goat 2 to both XBLIG and PC? It seems that the PC release did much better for the first game.

Ian:: Escape Goat 2 will start as a PC release and then move to other platforms, but no word on whether it will come to XBLIG or not.

To summarize: Escape Goat 2 will be a 2D puzzle platformer just like the first game. Most of the work right now is on the game’s artstyle, but you can expect plenty of mechanical switcheroos too, including some extra magic hats for the mouse and “goat armor” (raise your eyebrows at that). Ian wants to get an integrated level editing and sharing system in place, but it might not come until after the 1.0 release. And the game will definitely be coming to PC and “other platforms”, though that may not include XBLIG, and the release date is touted as 2013.

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  • dirty

    Best news all year. The first was one of the best games I played last year. Loved it to bits. Can’t wait

  • misplacedyank

    I am SO bummed that it looks like a PC only thing! It’s one of my favorite XBLA games and I play it every couple days.

  • Bryson

    Friggin sweet! Looking forward to this.