Customize, Destroy, Punch: Megabyte Punch Enters MegaBETA

Megabyte Punch

Brash in style, at least enough to catch my eye on several occasions, is Megabyte Punch by Reptile Games. The punching simulator. The robot punching simulator. The punch-this-robot-through-that-wall-over-there simulator. In Megabyte Punch, you punch things and it feels pretty great. Though I wish that sometimes my robot wouldn’t always stand in front of what I’m trying to punch and completely miss it. The ass.

After what I recall as being just about a year, Megabyte Punch has now entered beta. Or as the developers rather smartly put it, MegaBeta. Guffaw at that all you want; that’s the kind of thing I’d come up with probably, so I’m just going to slap them on the back and say, “Well done chaps, well done.” Look at us; we’re this many lines down and I haven’t even explained what the game is. Well, it’s a sidescrolling beat-em-up in which you collect parts from your defeated foe and strap them to yourself, if you want.

Megabyte Punch

“Megabyte Punch is an electro beat-’em-up/platforming/fighting game in which you build your own fighter!”

Let’s just say you don’t trust my word because you’re crazy or something…or maybe it’s me that’s crazy, in which case fair play to you. But let’s just say you want to try the game out for yourself and don’t want to pay the entry fee for a pre-order of the game that gets you instant beta access and the full version too when it becomes available. There’s a demo for you over on Kongregate that I think you’ll enjoy. I know I did! There’s a couple of levels to punch through, including a tutorial and a boss fight. Go on; just go and have a go! And remember, if you enjoy yourself, then the least you could do is give the ole thumbs up over on Greenlight.


Megabyte Punch

This is the part where I outline my wonderful experience with the MegaByte Punch demo, as that’s what I’ve just finished playing. Before we get into anything remotely detailed, here’s the tl;dr version for those with terrible attention spans:


Now that’s out of the way, let’s discuss the art of kicking a robot so hard that it tears through the air at high speed and crashes into the wall, destroying parts of it in the process. Beautiful, ain’t it? This is by far my favorite aspect of Megabyte Punch. All you need to do is hit the game’s most simplest of combos on an enemy (the smaller the better), and once you do the final kick off, they fly. And there’s a small explosion that comes with that too. These are the things that please me.

Megabyte Punch

“The game takes place in an computer world where you protect the Heartcore of your village against the likes of the Valk Empire and the dreaded Khoteps in 6 different levels with each 3 stages and a boss fight!”

On top of that, you’re usually then rewarded with a part from that robot that awaits you in mid-air. Once you collect it, you can then enter the inventory screen and change your robotic parts around. Fed up of that standard helmet? Swap it for one that makes you look like a praying mantis. Oh, and it increases your jumping capabilities – bonus! Each part can be swapped out in the appropriate place (no legs on heads etc) and each of them gives you some kind of bonus, and the fun part is mixing them around to change your appearance and your abilities. Speaking of which, there will be a couple of special abilities that aren’t as passive and can be assigned to a button that you press to use them. Maybe it’s a drill bit arm, a rocket jump, building blocks or a gun. There’s plenty to discover and mess around with to find the ones you prefer – the others you can just store away.

I haven’t even mentioned the music yet! The music in the trailer also features in the game and oh, my, I love it. Those chords just do things to me that they have no right in doing, but I love it! The rest of the sound design is pretty great as well – the pops of the explosions and the punch sounds, though the music could loop more frequently to fill the occasional silence. It’s a right bummer when the beta demo comes to an end, because you REALLY want to keep on playing with your new-found abilities and seeing what the other levels play like. Do the enemies get much tougher? What parts will I collect? What will the next boss give me? And I haven’t even tried out the multiplayer modes and fighting-focused mode. Crazy!

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