The Greenlight: Grimind

The Greenlight

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Steam Greenlight has been all the rage these days. So many indie game developers submit their creations in hopes that they will make the cut and be handed a slice of some of that sweet digital distribution. It goes without saying that getting on a platform like Steam is a huge advantage for an indie and it’s up to YOU to up-vote the games and make it happen. But with so many titles being submitted every day, how do you find the games that really deserve the seal of approval?

I’ve teamed up with good friend and fellow YouTuber, Jesse Cox of OMFGCata to bring the world a brand new web series called “The Greenlight!” Every Saturday, Jesse and I will spotlight a game currently on Steam Greenlight that deserves to get those thumbs up.

Last week we made our debut with a quick look at stylish, sidescrolling platformer shooter Bleed by Pawel Mogila, so check that out if you haven’t already done so. This week things take a downwards turn, but not for the worse, as we look at the horror platformer Grimind that takes place in some underground caves.

Upvote Grimind on Greenlight by following this link.

You’ll first notice that Grimind flaunts some beautiful colored lighting and shadows. We’re sidescrolling once again, which isn’t all too common for a game intending to scare on any level, but Grimind pulls off what it’s trying to achieve, with most of the work being performed by the ambient noises and music cues. The omnipotent darkness helps to round it off as you play this vulnerable character that’s only weapon is its wits. Though it does have one little, but incredibly strong hand with which to interact and manipulate the game’s physics. The physics lead to some interesting puzzle set pieces and encourage some experimentation in your playthrough. Getting to grips with how to use the game mechanics to your advantage also helps out when the horror reveals itself and you’re left but to scream and run!

Check out my Super Indie Spotlight below for my overall verdict on the game.

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