The Greenlight Debuts With A Look At Bleed

The Greenlight

Steam Greenlight has been all the rage these days. So many indie developers submit their games in hopes that they will make the cut and see some sweet digital distribution. It goes without saying that getting on a platform like Steam is a huge advantage for an indie and its up to YOU to up-vote the games and make it happen. But with so many titles being submitted every day, how do you find the games that really deserve the seal of approval? Oh I’ll tell you how!

I’ve teamed up with good friend and fellow YouTuber, Jesse Cox of OMFGCata to bring the world a brand new web series called “The Greenlight!” Every Saturday, Jesse and I will spotlight a game currently on Steam Greenlight that deserves to get those thumbs up.

For the first week, we took a look at a bad-ass, action platformer called Bleed by Bootdisk Revolution. In the game you take control of a super cute, super deadly, super hero, named Wryn. She wants to be the best video game hero on the planet and in order to do so, she’s got to take out the competition. Check out the first episode of The Greenlight above, and watch my Super Indie Spotlight of Bleed below. Check Jesse’s YouTube channel as well as the Indie Statik channel every Saturday for more Greenlight goodness!

Got a game on Greenlight that you want us to take a look at? Send us a copy to [email protected]

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