You Need Soda Drinker PRO In Your Life

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Today it seems I’m having a little bit of a silly day, what with just coming off the back of having a giggle at DreadOut, I’m now enjoying myself in the world’s premiere “first person soda”.

Imagine drinking a soda on a beach, or a lovely park! That’s what Soda Drinker PRO invites you to do and offers to take the hard work out by actually transporting you to these two locations, and three others, while slurping on the sugary delights of a soda. This is a “real time soda simulation” and unlike those other fakers that only give you the can, Soda Drinker PRO gives you the real deal, “slurps and all”.

Oddly, to get a copy of Soda Drinker PRO you have to hand over your email address so the links are then shared with you. Not a massive fan of this (ulterior motive?) but it seems to be safe as you instantly receive said links for Windows and Mac downloads of the game.

Suck It Dry

Soda Drinker PRO

Soda Drinker PROThis just goes to prove that sometimes, style over substance is what matters. As well as bringing a bit of much needed humor into the gaming world. Will Brierly is responsible for Soda Drinker PRO and if you’d like to click on this link you’ll be transported to the game’s website. There you’ll see this ‘style’ I’m referring to, because quite obviously you won’t find it within the game. As a guess, I’m thinking that there is either one of two driving forces behind the game.

1. Will is a first time game developer and thought to have some fun with it, and good on him if that’s the case
2. This is a parody of the games in which you’re invited to walk around a location and soak up the visuals

It could even be both of those things, in which case Will, well done. Honestly though, I know some people get really ticked off with games like this so if you don’t think you’ll see any humor or find any other form of amusement in Soda Drinker PRO then just ignore it. Most of the joke is in the website. The game itself is just what you’d imagine. You slurp from a soda as you walk around a square patch of land, with fuzzy voice overs and spinning objects strewn across sharp inclines and patches of color. Once you run the soda bar empty you move on to the next location and repeat across the five levels and then you’re done. The gameplay below should be all you need.

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