Screenshot Scrutiny – 29th December 2012

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Something rather beautiful in the game development community is Screenshot Saturday. Developers simply take a screenshot of what they’re working on and then tweet it with the #screenshotsaturday hashtag and it immediately appears on the website. It’s like magic, or something. In Screenshot Scrutiny, we select some of the more intriguing screenshots and delve into the information they hold!


After halting development on Luna for a few years (since 2007!), artist Daniel Gill has returned to the sidescrolling RPG after learning enough about Construct 2, so there’s no hiccups from hired help as he can make the game by himself. Things have picked up a good pace it would seem, enough to warrant a Kickstarter for the game which is set to launch on January 1st until February 1st. For just a dollar, you’ll be able to get access to the game’s beta as soon as February and as the game uses HTML5 you’ll be able to do so on Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android devices hopefully.



Not quite sure what’s going on here but with it being a collaboration between and narwolf and it looking like this already, I am very, very intrigued. When they say “dreamgame” I am assuming that they mean a game based on a dream or dreams that they had, as opposed to a game they’ve always wanted to make. That would explain the surreal landscape at least.


Have a butchers at Pig Farmer Games’ short slasher piece Minotaur, or you can just download it here (I can’t because I’m still stuck on a Mac for now). Their next big project is, of course, Sanitarium Massacre which is the Halloween 3D game they’ve been making for a while but have been forced to rename it because of licensing issues. If it wasn’t obvious, the influence is early 80s slasher flicks on grainy VHS tapes. Basically, slap that into gory game form and hey presto! If you like the look of it, then consider supporting its development over on Indiegogo.

Slave Of God


Ever been in a club? Ever taken drugs? Done both of those things at the same time? Slave Of God brings up some horrible memories for me. Those dancehalls where people thrust genitals at each other and puke nonsense over the walls. The game takes you through a night in club and it’s probably more of a simulator than an out-there interpretation. Go into the toilets and piss over the floor. Meet someone you think you love; the groover at the center of this flashing noise hole. Climb above and look down to find a tranquil beauty before crashing back down where images flash and distort. This is fascinating and horrible. Don’t play it if you’re prone to seizures, obviously.

Unnamed Firefighter Game

Picked simply for its visual adorableness, Simon Larsen’s firefighter game may be in the early stages of development but those pixels don’t lie! Rescuing those stuck in burning buildings, chopping through doors and dousing flames – what more could you want out of a game? We haven’t been so well served since Station 37.

Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones is still looking enticing and wonderful as it nears a release, we hope. This is a “musical poem” in which players walk up to a lake and throw stones across it and listen to the notes that play back with each ripple made. Pinning our childhood shenanigans up with a generative music system might just be a winner. The game will be released for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Cricket Heroes

Cricket Heroes

Though cricket isn’t the most exciting of sports, there’s no reason why a developer couldn’t, you know, fluff it up a bit. That’s what seems to be going on with Cricket Heroes, which has an impressive feature list that includes day and night matches, arcade and classic modes, tournaments, online leaderboards, dynamic weather effects, real-time ball deformation and decolouration and those all important post-match graphs. Unique looking but with plenty of physics bits to keep the game fresh and maybe even exciting.

Culina: The Spirit Of Cooking

John Doran gets all kinds of excited about the near release of his visual novel with strategy elements, Culina: The Spirit Of Cooking. After three years of working on the game, the intention is to release the game on January 1st for free. Those who enter into the game will experience starting up their own restaurant. This being the prologue will introduce the characters, the environment and the goal of the game, the trailer he tweets about above can be seen below.


Creative Basement’s reproduction preventing game ExSperminate gets a small update and is or was supposed to be free over the weekend, however, it seems to have remained at 0.69p on the App Store oddly enough. Not like that’s a lot of money to ask for to splat some sperm on your tablets. A real family game this one.

Sully: A Very Serious RPG

N’aww, are those for us Mr. Dead Stereotypical-Frenchman? We’ve mentioned this rather sweet looking RPG in Screenshot Scrutiny before, but we can’t resist this undead romantic. Of note is a name change for the game, from The Sully Chronicles to Sully: A Very Serious RPG. As noted before, the game started out life as the demonstration game for the VERGE RPG Game Creation Engine from 1997.



Developer of Take Arms and 48 Chambers, Discord Games is now hard at work on their third title and this time it’s a sidescrolling action RPG called Chasm. In this you play as a solider who has just returned home to find that the miners of this simple town have dug themselves into trouble and awakened an evil entity. Being the fighting type and the one who likes to hunt for treasures, you’ll be traveling down wards in Chasm, leaving luscious pixel art and sparkly sound effects in your wake. First gameplay is below!

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