DreadOut Will Make You Pee Your Pants, Promise


Sometimes a game comes along that just clicks with you. And in that moment, when you first set your eyes upon it, a thought emerges inside. You need that game. No matter what. All it can take for this to happen is two seconds of gameplay, a screenshot or maybe just knowing who the developer is. For me, with Digital Happiness’ Fatal Frame-inspired snap-happy horror game DreadOut, it was the first 10 seconds of the game’s preview trailer. A particular second-long section of it really slammed hard the appeal of this game for me.


Dying Of Laughter

Oh, yes! There’s a fine line between horror and comedy and I’m honestly not sure if DreadOut is intended to ride it or fall strictly into the horror side. Researching the game as much as you can on the internet, which mainly involves having a gander at the Greenlight page, and it seems that the developers are under the impression they’re making a game in which you’ll “Battle against your own fear to progress”. I fear that I’ll have to battle back the giggles upon playing it. This could unintentionally be the next Deadly Premonition, and I’m hoping it’s going to be.

The story is bang on the mark, at least. You play as Linda, who is your typical Indonesian school girl and she, along with the rest of her classmates, end up going astray during a school trip. They come across an ancient town, venture inside and then odd events start happening; horrific ghosts appear. Linda has something special about her, though. For one she has a camera (actually, she has lots of cameras) which she takes pictures of just about everything with. But there’s something else about her, and it turns out that she’s the only hope of saving her class and solving the many puzzles throughout the game that need to be in order to do that. It seems that also involves taking pictures of the eyes of weird ghost ladies too.

Of course, I do feel a bit harsh upon pointing out the amateur brush strokes of this start-up based in Indonesia as they attempt to make a serious horror game based on Asian mythical monsters. However, I’m far from criticizing it and am actually encouraging them to keep it up. This is brilliant! Okay, so yeah, I’d play the game for different reasons than what it’s intended, but that’s not a problem really.

“Experience scary event like it never before”


I love that the game features a crazy looking clown (or someone wearing a sack and a mask?) on a scooter. I love the way the player gets right up into the faces of ghosts and monsters to take pictures of them. I also love that a woman thrashed about in front of a Kinect as motion capture for the game. It’s perverse, rough and amateur brilliance that should be heralded for what it is. Games aren’t perfect and sometimes they can serve better as experiences they weren’t intended for. Presuming that DreadOut remains the way it is, I’ll play it purely to have a laugh.

Ah yes the trailer – you have to watch it. Over and over again. Take it all in. Please do!

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  • Lanvarok

    Haha, I just about died of laughter when the boy tries to get out of the SUV and gets a faceful of door!

  • http://google.com Muhammad Roychan

    Haha.. Indonesian ghost are here!