Super Indie Spotlight: Monaco


Time for another Super Indie Spotlight ladies and gentlemen, and this time it’s a game that many of you may have been anticipating for quite a while now. Pocketwatch Games’ co-operative heist game, Monaco, is the game taking the spotlight. As we reported just the other day, Monaco is currently up for pre-ordering and you can even get a discount if you’re quick enough. As to when the game is to be released, well, we’re not sure yet but it could be around March 2013 for Mac, Windows and XBLA. Fingers crossed!

So I’ve decided to spotlight the game now to help you determine whether the game is worth your dollar. My instincts would be to say that it is, but ultimately that’s up to you to decide. With 4 player local and online co-op and it all being about living your fantasies as a world renown heist artist, aka thief, what’s not to love? So let’s take a look shall we?!

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