A Jaunt Across ‘Merica? Meriweather: An American Epic

Meriweather: An American Epic

America has always been that distant land for me. Never have I travelled across the ocean towards the homeland of amusing stereotypes, silly politics and ridiculous celebrities. Josh tells me of its good points, its bad points, yet I still find it hard to fathom what it is like over there. Do you drink tea just like I do? Oh, and don’t you know that there’s no such word as “gotten”? Also, what the eff is a flashlight?!

Such a weird place, but a fascinating and almost mesmerizing one to say the least. Perhaps, if I should one day head over there, I’d feel some of the same feelings that Captain Lewis did. It would be great to live during that time again, actually, as Lewis was sent to discover the mysterious lands of unmapped America for President Thomas Jefferson. What would I find? Bears, natives and maybe even a dangerous behemoth?! Well, I wouldn’t fancy that so much then, but I will happily go for a good ole trek in Meriweather, which is an upcoming game detailing this journey in a bit of an RPG epic.

“Steeped in history but made by gamers, Meriwether will offer a unique blend of roleplaying, resource management, exploration, diplomacy, and survival.”

You know how there’s games that just look good sometimes, and then you read into them and then they sound good? Well, Meriweather does both of those things, and then it makes me feel good. That’s because it’s trying to teach me about a history of a country I’ve never cared to look into much, for I am an ignorant Brit who tends to look to the right and below me at my European chums rather than to the left over at that massive place they call ‘Merica (fuck, yeah!). I’m fond of games that want to teach me about history, especially if it’s an actual real place. It will be no surprise to anyone that I know more about fictional locales and their cultures than anything on this real planet. Oh, the shame! Meriweather, please turn me into an educated soul and please do it in a way I can bear – with gratifying gameplay and an immersive verisimilitude.

Trek Across The Plains

Meriweather: An American Epic

Trekking across America is a bit of a daunting task, even if it’s upon a virtual field – I don’t know my way around here. On top of that, this Jefferson toff wants me to find an all-water route across the entire north continent, if one should exist, while drawing accurate maps of my journey. Well, bloody hell, mate, there’s only so much one guy can do, you know? Oh, and you think establishing peaceful relations with as many Native American nations as I can is going to help focus things a little. Well, screw you, Jefferson, I’m having none of your orders! Do you know what I’m going to do? I’m heading out there and finding as many animals and plants as I can so that the scientists are kept busy, because science is something I can believe in, and not an idealistic mare of a man.

Can’t believe the things I have to do in this life. I might just head back to Britain at this rate, mate. A total of 8,000 miles is what I have to cover to find your darn precious all-water route. Guh, well, alright then, but I’m taking some mates with me and lots of supplies because I’m bound to get very, very hungry and cold out there. Yes, that’s right, alongside going around exploring the ground myself, I’ll be sending out some troops to collect resources for us all. I’ll probably practice my shooting arm or something in the meantime. Oh, and did you know that I, Captain Lewis (only in the game of course), I’m a mood-changing bugger who needs to be kept happy lest I start getting a little ticked off and my conversations start bringing morale down. Yeah, that’s right; love me or leave me for I will never be satisfied – this is an RPG, after all.

“You’ll hunt, interact with other characters, identify plants and animals, serve as the Corps’ doctor, trade with French voyageurs and British trappers, and hold councils with Native American nations, all while controlling Lewis via an over-the-shoulder, third-person perspective.”

I’m going to need some money to make this journey worthwhile too. So if you’re feeling generous today, then please donate towards it over on Kickstarter. And if not today then do consider it once again tomorrow. I have friends that are bears, by the way. I’ll send them after you.

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