Indie Statik Advent Calendar – Day 8: TSWCE & The Journey Down

Indie Statik Advent Calendar Day 8

Ding, ding, ding! Round 2, or should I say, week 2? That would certainly make more sense. We’ve lost the training wheels and are heading out on our big kid bikes in hopes of impressing the other school children. Look at us, ma – no hands! Ooh, that was a lucky catch; we nearly had a repeat of the big crash earlier in the week. Fear not, for we have our sensible heads on now. We even have a crash helmet on.

Today’s games are both of the adventure type, but feature vastly different stories and characters for you to get stuck into. One a tale of woe and otherworldly politics while the other focuses on music and humor more so. Are they both great? Well, duh, of course they are; that’s why we’re absolutely thrilled to be giving them away today. But before we get on to all of that business, we better make sure you know what these games are really all about so that you may make the decision as to which one you’d like to win at the end of it.

The Sea Claims Everything

The Sea Will Claim Everything

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start with The Sea Claims Everything (TSWCE). Firstly, I won’t be bashful about my passion for pretty much anything that Jonas and Verena Kyratzes create. Say that you’re after a unique journey to take you to intelligible places, absurd scenarios, alongside whimsical characters and realized in a colorful fashion then their Lands of Dreams series is by far your best choice. With this latest title, they user interface is friendlier and thus interaction with the world lends itself to an ease of immersion. The game contains a lot of text, it must be said, and is perhaps treated as if a visual novel in some regards; matching the best fantastic works from literature should you allow your imagination to flow right into it.

Entering the Land of Dreams is quite the magical experience every time, mostly due to the wonderful stories that greet you, but with TSWCE things take a more wicked turn from the very offset. You’ll begin within the biomechanical wonder that is the Underhome. It is this starting point that becomes victim to the game’s nemesis, the sinister Lord Urizen, as he attempts to close the multi-level home down despite its denizens pleas. You’ll set out from here to seek a way of preventing this and will set off around a mysterious and utterly glorious trip around the Fortunate Isles. It’s a trip you won’t soon forget, mainly because it requires a part of you to work most effectively, nesting in a cosy part of your imagination.

“it will take you on a journey that will make you laugh and think and feel (and probably make you a bit hungry, too)”

Alongside the ability of the crafting of Jonas’ words and Verena’s distinct and artistic visuals, TSWCE is also about things. Some serious, some silly, but all very important as it becomes so much more personable, clever and entertaining with this. Perhaps the most astounding aspect of the game, at least initially, is just how detailed every part of it is. Sure, the plot is intricate and the characters are as unique as you and I, but just purely on a ‘how many things there are to click on in one screen’ level, the game is just outright packed! In the Underhome alone, you’ll find a library of books, each with their own parody or reference; you could spend ten minutes just soaking that up alone.

I’m not sure how many people will really appreciate the time, effort and genius pored into TSWCE, but those who do will be justly rewarded. So, if you’re truly prepared for a magnificent journey, then prepare to plow straight into The Sea Will Claim Everything. Do us all a favor and go and purchase the game or at the very least try out the demo if you don’t win it from us. Oh, and do give it a thumbs up on Greenlight, won’t you?

The Journey Down: Chapter 1

The Journey Down: Chapter 1

From the Underhome to the Underland. Well, not quite. The Journey Down is yet another adventure game imbued with the very roots of culture, but is ultimately the more light-hearted affair. It was originally released as a freeware title sub-titled Over The Edge, but has since been released more recently with 3D graphics and a few other tweaks as Chapter 1 of a bigger series. You’ll be following the likes of Bwana and Kito, who are two amusing fellas of distinctly African origin and this influence affects all parts of the game with a wonderfully jubliant aesthetic.

The plot revolves around the down and out pair as they struggle to make ends meet in their gas station left to them by their long lost father. Just as it seems they’ll be forced to admit defeat in the face of all the bills and lack of custom, up pops Lina, who is their first paying customer in ages. But things aren’t all well, with machines needing repairing and tools missing. Soon, the small search escalates into something wildly more sinister, with the surrounding corruption and its players involving themselves in the lives of the game’s characters.

“The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click saga with a black African twist”

With a diverse set of characters and distinct music to grace your ears, The Journey Down is ultimately a testament in human relationships and their strength during harder times. It’s also an exercise in 90s adventure games as it adopts their style very much so – their pros and their flaws, perhaps. There are some inventory puzzles, but they’re logical, and you shouldn’t end up spending hours cursing over their design. Nor will you descend into the madness that is pixel hunting. This commercial version of the game also adds some gratifying voice overs to help flesh the experience out, as well as some well realized video sequences to create a better flow between the locations of the game and the weaving of the narrative. You’ll want to play The Journey Down for its fresh twist with its African culture as well as its adherence to classic beats of the genre.

Want To Win One Of These?

Quite the mellow day today, isn’t it? Feeling quite light on the toes and the Sun is probably attempting to penetrate through the cold and warm your nose. This gives me a thought. I aim to find a competition challenge that connects both of the games on offer and one that will be fun your you and us. Even better if get to hear some of your creative genius or the more affecting parts of your lives – your dreams, hopes and failures. Today’s giveaway is for two quite profound adventure games, and I’d be foolish to try not to follow that up. So without further ado…

Here’s what you have to do to win:

Tell us, if you could go on any journey, where would you go and what would you do there?

Lands of Dream

How to enter:

1. Write down the journey you’ve chosen and tell us about it in as much as detail as you like.

2. Send your writing to [email protected] with the subject line “Dream Journey”. AND MAKE SURE YOU SPECIFY WHICH GAME YOU WOULD LIKE TO WIN!

Only those that are sent to that email address with that specified subject line will be considered for the competition.

3. Then, make sure you then submit your answers in the comments section so you can see share them with everyone else.

You have until December 8th, 11pm PST / December 9th, 2am EST / December 9th, 7am GMT / December 9th, 8am CET to submit your robot profiles. Anything submitted after that time will not be considered for the code giveaway, but it can still be appreciated by the community, so make sure to drop it below!

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  • snipem1438

    I would like to take a journey to New Zealand. I want to go to see the deep, rolling hills and the sharp, frigid air of this time would create an atmosphere I could not see anywhere else. The ice layered over the vast mountains would blind you from its blinding white color. Trekking one of the peaks would also be a joy as you would get to see a scope of something unseen in many places. Than finally, the locales would be interesting to see the architecture and the history of New Zealand as I would struggle to comprehend its beauty. It would be a sight to see and something that could definatley not be seen anywhere near me.
    I would like to win: The Sea Claims Everything

  • snipem1438

    *definitely (spelling)

  • TheFlyingWelshman

    To be perfectly honest, my dream journey would be a journey into my own dreams. Let me explain, because I fear I just may have sounded more than a bit crazy. If I had the opportunity to go anywhere and do anything, I would love to find myself in my very own surreal dreamscape. It’s just something that I think would be incredibly interesting, I’ve always had strange dreams, and I feel that it would be an interesting experience to visit a dream world. Whether it be simply meeting a hero of mine, or battling with giant robots in a futuristic cyber punk world; the first of which involved TotalBiscuit singing opera, he was actually quite good. It would be an experience that I would be unable to have anywhere else. I could see myself exploring space in a dream that I’ve had. It just seems like some of the most beautiful places and experiences are dampened by their state as “only” dreams. This is why I feel that it would be wonderful to make these impossible worlds, a possibility.

  • A little bit nervous about all this.

    I would like to win The Sea Will Claim Everything.

    If I could go on a journey I’d go to the store. The store! You can get anything at the store! Canned goods, bottled goods, goods in boxes, goods in cellophane — the rooftop’s the limit! If you hunger the store will give you food. If you’re tired the store will give you bedding. If you’re depressive the store will let you choose from a broad selection of objects, and through such objects your life will regain purpose (“That’s a guarantee!”). I’m sure I don’t need to tell *you* that through Purchasing Power a life can be rebuilt upon a sturdy foundation of Collection and Aspiration: aspire to collect that which you aspire to collect (“Tautological road to happiness”); aspire to replace that which has grown obsolete (“Shame no longer”); aspire to be the person you always dreamed of (“You shall be known through your accessories”).

    So I think I’m ready. After years of flipping through the circulars good ol’ PupPup carries up from the porch each week (even now, on his shaky little legs), I think I’m ready to step out of here for a bit. (I guess I haven’t gone out since Gladys passed away? She was always the adventurous one.)

    This contest may be just what I’ve been looking for. If I win I trust you’ll send someone over to help me out of bed?

  • Chrono Trigger

    I would like the Journey Down

    If I could go on a journey, It would be a journey of self-knowledge, to know really who I am and what I really want of my life…Also I would like to go to New Zeland to make the Lord of the Rings journey

  • Liam

    Kinda disappointed one of these was not spirits, but whatever, I bet it will come in time.

    • Chris Priestman

      In time ;)

  • kitamoo

    The trip I would take would be to every music venue in America.
    Music has a habit of developing and pooping up out of random places. The Beatles came out of a small English town and became possibly the world’s most successful and influential bands ever.
    Nirvana just came out of Seattle and led to a huge music scene and eventually helped bring out The Foo Fighters, another hugely successful rock band in this world.
    If I could take a tour of all these music venues in the world, I’d be witnessing these developments and new things firsthand. I’d be seeing these amazing changes of not just music but American culture as a whole.
    I would get to see amazingly talented musicians that have never even been heard of past their hometown.
    And I would be doing what I love which is seeing concerts and experiencing music.

  • Octocactus

    I would like to earn The Journey Down.
    Well, now, if I could go on a journey, I would go to the world of Journey. That game for the PS3. You probably know what I’m talking about.
    Now, I chose that world simply because it is beautiful. A masterpiece. It is mostly deserted and melancholic, but who needs company in such a beautiful atmosphere?
    Also, in that world, living beings apparently don’t need water or food. With that in mind, I could keep appreciating that world until my heart’s content.
    And, probably, I may also earn those cool clothes from the protagonist of the game once I enter that world. I could appreciate the beautiful atmosphere that world has to offer AND I would be given cool clothes to match.
    That is my submission. Thanks to anybody who actually read it.

  • Ipo

    I would love to explore the deepest parts of the ocean. The pressure down there is too much for me to ever do so but I would really like to. Who knows what could be down there! The ocean has always scared me from when I was a child, playing ecco the dolphin on sega genesis gave me nightmares as a child. The coral, the giant octopus and especially the orca terrified me. There is no way to know what is down that far though and that is partly what scares me the most but my curiosity wants to know. Imagine being able to travel safely to the darkest depths of the ocean, with a light source. What would you find? The coral could be greatly different because of the pressure, there could possibly be dinosaur like species who hid down there for all this time slowly evolving and adapting to the environment down there. The possibilities of what I could find are endless but it is one of the great mysteries that I really enjoy.

  • JoeGa91090

    If I could go anywhere, I would go to Dublin, Ireland. At age 22, I’ve recently become interested in my Irish heritage. I never really cared until I stumbled upon the culture of Dublin. If I were to go to, I’d like to join the buskers and play the guitar on the streets in Dublin. Anyone can play with anyone, and it would be a great way to learn more about playing.

    • JoeGa91090

      “If I were to go to *Ireland*, I’d like to join the buskers”
      “Anyone can play with anyone, and it would be a great way to learn more about playing *instruments in general, and to make friends*”

  • Bloowing

    I would like to take a journey to the Kanto region in Pokemon. This would be my dream journey since the’re freakin’ Pokemon. I would go through the region and try to beat all the gyms. Once finished the Pokemon League in Kanto, I would travel to all the other regions. There are several reasons to go to Kanto. There’d be pokemon, several attractions such as pokeparks, battle frontiers and many others. Not only would the landscape be beautiful but pokemon would be the local wildlife. WHICH IS AMAZING.

  • Renee

    My dream journey isn’t to go to a specific place (though there are many, many places I would love to go, I am afflicted with wanderlust something awful) but is instead to go on a journey to find myself. It sounds cheesy and trite, but I’d love to go on a spiritual journey and figure out who I truly am. I’m still growing up, and I still have so very much to learn–life is a journey and I want to keep going through it until I reach the end (but, truth be told, I don’t think life ever has an ending, only new beginnings). That’s the journey I want to take. A journey through life to find out who I really am and what I really want. I want to journey to find new things and people to love.

  • HR

    Heyy guys !

    There’s only one journey in life I’ve yet to take. I want to visit North London – the home of Arsenal FC. I’ve been following Arsenal since I was a boy, and it is my dream to watch them in real life some day.

    I know this seems rather shallow, because some people go, “Pfft. Sports….” – but seriously, if I had a week to live, this is what I would do.

    The Journey Down would be my choice !

    Thanks! You guys are the best !

  • Eric Lambiasi

    If I could take any journey I would take a journey through the mind and ideas of Seth Macfarlane. He is a wonderful creative person and so damn hilarious. I would make my journey about bringing even more of his great ideas out of the dark closet in the back of his mind waiting to be released and bring them out to the front to be released into the world so we can all have more great laughs! (I recently watched Ted and it was in my opinion the funniest movie I’ve ever seen so that probably influenced my idea also I just love Seth Macfarlane)

  • Klagmar

    The journey I’d like to take is more equivalent to an adventure. I cannot be specific about the places I’d visit or the people I’d meet, but I can describe the general overview of things I’d like to encounter on my quest: True friends to help me through any struggle. Finding an ability within myself I never knew I had (no, I don’t mean magic!). Beautiful, exotic landscapes. An antagonist who’s clearly evil and must be stopped. Basically all the tropes of a romanticized adventure. I really can’t think of a better way to learn something about myself and about others.