Perspective Is Attempting To Plunder Puzzling Perplexities


Hold on to your horseradishes! I’ve got a feeling we’re being sucked into a—- *heavy sucking sounds that could only come from A GAME OF MIND BLOWING PROPORTIONS* Aaaand we’re back in the room. Apologies for that, I forgot to take my pills this morning, not like that would make any difference because those damn DigiPen students are up to mischief again! What have they done this time? Don’t be surprised by this, but this team, calling themselves Widdershins, have only gone and created a game that looks to be something quite unlike the many things we’ve seen before. I’ve said this previously, but the closest comparison to this one is Fez or Crush, but to be honest that really doesn’t cut it.

Perspective. A simple word that fits this 2D/3D/first person/platformer oh so very bloody well! Look at all of those slashes – I think that’s a new personal record to be honest. What game could induce such foul writerly habits upon me? Well, I’d explain it to you but I fear I may simply blow what remains of my brain out of my arse. Are you familiar with Gateways? Perspective does to Fez what Gateways did to Portal. There, that’s the best I can do. Okay, I’m lying. So let’s try again in small bite-sized sentences.

“..the player has two modes of control: a first person camera moving in 3D space, and an avatar that is constrained to the 2D world.”

Perspective has you playing from a first person perspective. You can roam around the environment freely. The goal of the game, however, is not to get yourself through the levels. Instead, you have to maneuver a cool little blue fella. To control him, you have to lock the screen with him in it. From here, what you previously saw from the 3D first person perspective becomes a 2D plane for the blue dude to strut around. That’s pretty much it. I still don’t feel like we’re any wiser here.

There’s only one thing for it – you’re going to have to watch the trailer. I’m sorry to do this to you. I’ll take care of your mother. Promise.

Get My Good Side

…are you…are you still there? Oh good. Right, now you’re all up-to-date, brain pieces missing and all, we’ll continue our raving rant about this rather splenderific concept! What marks Perspective as so unique is not that it can move between different perspectives, i.e. 2D and 3D; it’s that it allows the player to move around freely between this space unlike previous efforts which locked the camera to certain predesignated points on the axis.

This means that it is in YOUR hands to find the right angles in the environment that enable the guy through. Putting the control into players’ hands like that, how terrifying! Of course, what we can see of the game so far seems to check out on quite a basic level, but the game is going to live and die on how far this idea is taken. It’s not enough in this day and age to simply have a good idea, you’ve got to juice it! So, hopefully the minds behind this one have come up with some puzzles that are really going to scratch that itch. DigiPen doesn’t often let down in any case so there’s reason to have good faith at least.

With the release of this new gameplay trailer comes even more good news by the way. Apparently the game is practically finished and will be released on December 12th for Windows PCs. That’s really quite soon so I’ll permit you to get excited. Just this once though. Well go on then, go mental! Uh oh. NURSE! Apparently I’ve been talking to a friggin’ wall all this time. Someone make me sane again, please?! Whatever you do, don’t go to the official website and look up more information on Perspective, and god forbid you watch that trailer again!


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  • RancidShamble

    From now on, I think I will instantly approve of anything with Logan Fieth’s name on it. I feel in love with The Fourth Wall and have been looking forward to this game :)

    And thanks for taking care of my Mom while I watched the trailer for the 50th time…I hope she didn’t talk your ear off.