Are You Ready For The Super Shock Bundle?

Super Shock Bundle

UPDATE: There have been a few very recent swaps to the roster and there may potentially be more yet. Unfortunately Hotline Miami, Pid and Michael’s own Electronic Super Joy have since been pulled out. Instead, Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV has been added. It’s also worth noting that we’ve been informed that the final lineup includes Droqen’s Probability 0 and Starseed Pilgrim, yet those games have been omitted from the press release which has since made it’s way around. We’ll update again if we hear that Droqen’s games aren’t to be included, though there are 13 slots on the website and with those two games the list comes to 13.

UPDATE 2: We’ve now had confirmation that there will be no more last minute changes. So the list you see below is what will be available as part of the bundle when it goes live tomorrow.

Well, are you shocked? You bloody well should be! Michael Todd has been a busy little beaver recently, not only is he releasing his action-packed platformer Electronic Super Joy at the beginning of December, but he’s also contacted plenty of other developers to convince them to throw their games into his first ever bundle! He calls it the Super Shock Bundle, we call it the That’s-A-Lot-Of-Good-Games-Going-For-Cheap. To be precise, it’s 13 games in total for the low, low price of $12.99 (and yes you’ll get Steam keys for the ones that are available on Steam).

Normally we’d only inform you about a bundle when it becomes available, but this one is different, because if you don’t know about it now then you’ll probably miss it. Basically, tomorrow – Saturday 24th November – at 12 noon EST, the Super Shock Bundle will be going live…FOR SEVEN HOURS ONLY! If you miss it you won’t get this deal again, that’s the catch. You can see over on the site right now that there is a countdown until the launch. They’ll be another countdown when it goes live so you know how long you have to grab the games.

7 hours, 13 games, $12.99

Let’s just hope that the site doesn’t crash in that time – how many bundles have launched and crashed just as quickly? With the Super Shock Bundle, Michael really can’t afford to let that happen. Fingers crossed.


Yes, yes, yes, we know you want to know what games are in the Super Shock Bundle already (We’ve also been asked to list the games that are on Steam, so you’ll find a little “on Steam” next to the ones that are). In fact, we highly doubt that you even read the above paragraphs. Your eyes went straight down to the list below, and then probably up to the top of the page to find out the other details. No one is probably going to read this bit…hey, anything can be typed here in that case. AHHHHH! Oh well, that was a wasted opportunity.

Jottobots by J. Otto Seibold and Kyle Pulver

Offspring Fling by Kyle Pulver (on Steam)

Cortex Command by Data Realms (on Steam)

Thirty Flights Of Loving by Blendo Games (on Steam)

Home by Benjamin Rivers (on Steam)

Captain Foraxian by Farbs McFarbs (PC DEBUT)

Starseed Pilgrim by Droqen

Probability 0 by Droqen

Little Gardens by Michael Todd

Puzzle Bots by Lively Ivy (on Steam)

Swift*Stitch by Sophie Houlden

VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh

Deepak Fights Robots by Tom Sennet

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  • Michael

    Question is, are YOU ready for the bundle? I mean, only 7hrs. Maybe you’ll need that time to restart servers after the crashes. I mean, it’s a really great line-up. If there’s enough advertising you should get a LOT of hits….and purchases. Good luck with this one!

  • Michael

    By YOU I mean Mr. Todd.

  • Heliocentric

    Wow, a great batch. I had never even heard of pid until now,

  • dee

    Shocking change to the game roster there shame I was looking forward to this but not so much anymore

  • squeaker

    I would have though VVVVVV a game own by every single earthling by now. Very disappointed that Hotline Miami and Pid are pulled, not to mention the even more disappointing substitutes. The list is still good though.

  • Confused

    Wait, so the organizer pulled his own game from the bundle? Why did he do that?

    • Chris Priestman

      As far as I’m aware, it was due to it still being worked on and thus not being ready. The bundle was initially set-up around its release for some extra promotion, I do believe. So yeah, a bit odd but things happen.

  • Challa

    Thanks a Lovely post!! ……………………..

  • Whiterabbit-uk

    pity I missed this, not enough advertising.