The Ugly Life Of David S. Gallant – I Get This Call Every Day

I Get This Call Every Day

The affairs of the mundane may plague our existence but we can always rely on games to provide that escape, right? WRONG! David S. Gallant is boldly merging his boring call center job with his next game and it proves to be worthy of raising an eyebrow. I Get This Call Every Day was originally conceived as part of Ludum Dare’s September No-Game mini jam, but went unfinished. It was then intended to be released as part of Ludum Dare’s October Challenge. It’s fate remained the same. David admits “it’s the longest game [he's] worked on to date.”

David has made everything in the game, including the “terrible art” he admits while comparing his drawing ability to that of child in elementary school. That doesn’t bother him so much, instead, he has embraced this ugly aesthetic as part of himself and a result of his surroundings; mainly the “ugliness” of the call center job he has to trundle to every weekday much against his desire.

“I work in a job where I am required to put bureaucracy and policy above people all the time, and it sickens me. I am making this game as an attempt to deal with and express that sickened feeling.”

Lose And Lose Again

It’s unabashedly clear that David absolutely hates his job and what it has made of him. He’s recently released a trailer for the game in which he describes himself as a “numb meat popsicle”. It’s upsetting to hear someone so fed up of their life, but at the same time his time spent turning that emotion into making a game about it creates such a personal creation. The game is near enough a direct translation of what David has to go through every day. The player is tasked with getting through a single phone conversation in the role of customer support, but it plays out in the point and click format and the player’s choices are fleshed out with over 250 voice recordings, many of which took David a few hours to perfect.

I Get This Call Every DayHere’s the catch though, and it’s one that makes sense within this personal tale, the player is falling into a Kobyashi Maru scenario – for those who aren’t Star Trek fans that’s a no-win situation.

“Through the magic of interaction, players make dialogue choices that either allow them to lose in the slightly soul-killing way I do every day, or in a far more spectacular fashion.”

David hopes to be able to finish the game and release in late December or early to mid January, providing the job the game is based on doesn’t spoil that ambition. He says he’s nervous at the thought of charging any money for such a short experience, but his hope is that it will mean he doesn’t have to spend so much time at the call center; getting him closer to doing something he enjoys much more. He did confirm that the price of I Get This Call Every Day will be pay-what-you-want with a small minimum price being set.

If you would like to get a taste of David’s style before this next game is released, then consider playing his text adventure over here. Otherwise look out for updates on David’s website where you can also play his other games.

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