Master Reboot – Upload Your Memories To The Soul Cloud

Master Reboot

“Where am I? Who am I?” It’s time to piece your life……and death back together.

A master reboot is something we hope to never have to put our computers through. All of that information, all of those memories, just thrown away due to some fatal error. Wales Interactive’s upcoming Master Reboot will have us encountering an entirely different form of resetting; one with consequences much more dire.

We’re told to imagine – which is one of the greatest beauties of the human mind – a world in which death is no longer a final sentence. That ideal is something we’re all very familiar with as it has quite the stigma attached to it in the history of our reality. It may be this comforting thought of there being something, anything after death that has caused so many conflicts. For is it not the belief of most religions that there is somewhere heavenly to ascend to upon issuing your final breath? Already, this world we’re imagining seems too good to be true. Narrow your eyes at it, for something with such promise always has a poison hiding under its illusion.

Reading along this sentence only further embeds these lofty dreams, as it says this world contains “precious memories”, stored in order to savour at a later date. They’re souls of once living people. Some would call it hope, heaven or utopia. In Master Reboot it’s called the Soul Cloud.

Digital Future

Master Reboot

The premise that drives Master Reboot is unnervingly close to our estimated projections of the near future. Sure, the idea of uploading your “digital soul” to a server so the whole family can revisit your good memories seems like a bit of a stretch for the next couple of decades, but upon reflection you might consider that we’ve already been doing it for years. Cast your mind back to your first encounter with social media and just trawl through all of the photos you’ve shared, the status’ you’ve written and videos you’ve appeared in online. For most of us it mounts up to quite a lot and no one is deleting this information.

Sarah CrossmanI can go back to my old MySpace page which I started in 2005 and completely embarrass myself in a matter of minutes – my teenage self was an absolute fool! And I’ll probably be able to go back to that page from now until I die. After that, those who may have once cared for me might be able to stumble across it and find a giggle there themselves. They’ll gaze upon an old-fashioned past in which people wore “hoodies” and played computer games on a “disc”. Such a distant world.

This imaginarium was an idea hatched in the mind of Sarah Crossman, who is a talented CG Artist based in Cardiff and operating within development and publishing house, Wales Interactive. Her environments and objects are angular and distorted impressions of familiarity. They are also simple in geometry and color matching, carrying a certainty in their bold appearance that has no time for mistake or fumbling details.

It’s a surrealist’s impressions of our dreams, of childhood, and of fantasy. Master Reboot benefits from these visual designs, being that it is set within memories and somnolency. The jagged outlines and artefacts that surrounded us in infancy take on a near nightmarish form, one that serves to inform us of the non-reality of the location. Doors are filled with blinding light, corridors stretch on forever and cuddly toys stare dauntingly.

Memory Loss

Master Reboot

So what’s the story behind the artwork? At the moment, there’s not actually that much to tell unfortunately due to Wales Interactive holding the details close to their chest. As we understand it, you play as a person that encounters a problem when uploading their soul to the Cloud. It’s more than just a problem really, in fact it’s a complete disaster as you end up inside your own memories and it seems that you’re dead.

Presumably, the task is to work through these memories and piece back together what happened to you – how did you die? It’s an intriguing plot and one that has a slight resemblance to the memory traversing antics of To The Moon. Revelations are big in these forms of narratives, especially in this case as it concerns a life wasted and one that ended so suddenly.

Quite frankly, I’m glad to hear of a game such as this that sets all kinds of hopes off in my mind. Exploring dreams and death contains such an enigmatic promise to me and one that truly holds my attention. Sarah has given herself a lot of room on which to paint her tale on as well and it seems the rest of the veteran talent of upcoming studio Wales Interactive is putting their all into bringing this game to life.

When contacting us, Wales Interactive informed us that they are pushing the release of the game back to early 2013 due to securing a deal. They mentioned that they were in discussions about bringing Master Reboot to a console exclusively, but which one? Well, if this tweet is any indicator, then it’s going to be Sony’s consoles, seeing as they recently visited Sony Games. But who knows – maybe we’ve got it wrong. Regardless, those who own a Windows or Mac PC, iOS or Android device will be able to play the game when Wales Interactive self-publish it on digital stores.

Check the game’s official website and Facebook page for updates on Master Reboot as they come.

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